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Assetto Corsa Manual

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by sbishop1488, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if there's an official manual for Assetto Corsa?

    Seems strange there doesn't appear to be one considering the number of options and variety of car setup options to not have included one now it's officially released.

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  2. Just thought there would be one considering the amount of setup configurations for the cars, not after anything in particular, was just surprised not to see the usual link to a manual in Steam, like to geek out over a good manual lol
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  3. Yes, so do I. I thought we'd see a manual released with 1.0 (once it came out of RC) but sadly not. To find out how to set up a server correctly would have helped without having to search their forum, as an example. I'm pretty sure it would reduce the number of repeated queries that they get. Oh well.
  4. Ricoow

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    For help on setups I'd like to redirect you here:

  5. So if its fun to you please explain and describe all FFB settings is options menu. Also please explain gamma ; filter what it is for
  6. This seems to have become a trend lately: people invest years developing a complex game but won't bother to spend an afternoon describing its features, even though that could spare them lots of support time and aggravation. Quite strange really. It is even worse with Project Cars, where a single thread about force feedback contains several hundred pages of speculation about what each obscure parameter does, without any input from the developers. Apparently this has become a sort of game in itself...
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  7. xnorb


    20 years ago you got a 400 pages manual basically training you to be a jet pilot when purchasing a flight sim. F1GP had descriptions of all tracks with tips on how to take the turns if i'm not mistaken.

    The 90s were most likely the best era of PC gaming.
    Sadly those times are long gone.
  8. Turk


    You don't really get manuals anymore. Even if you spend €2000 on software you get no book and are expected to find training elsewhere. I don't think we can realistically expect Kunos to make a manual for setting up cars, that's a dark art that takes some dedication to learn. For the most part the manual we would have gotten years ago is built into the program with short descriptions and tooltips when you hover over buttons, these kind of things make manuals a redundant waste of time and money.
  9. Not to mention this manual had to be actually printed and shipped to buyers. Today you can just get a guy to draft a manual, post it online and keep improving it as the need arises.Why this is not done is a mystery to me, as it doesn't seem to make commercial sense.
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  10. Turk


    Of course it makes commercial sense. Paying a guy to make a manual that very few people will appreciate makes no commercial sense. Reducing costs is at the top of the commercial sense list and hiring people is something companies want to avoid because people are the most expensive part of any business.

    People don't seem to realise that as soon as you say "get a guy" the cost is big.
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  11. Apatride


    Not to mention that the guy will probably commit suicide after realising that what he spent 2 weeks writing by reverse engineering the badly documented code from the devs (or at least the 10% he managed to steal from them and this extra 5 percents for which he still owes his girlfriend for distracting the devs while he was retrieving the code) has just been changed by the update of yesterday... Tech writers deserve our love or at least our admiration for not going postal!
  12. Kurt "Yoda" Kalbfleisch

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