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PC assetto corsa GFX (PP) settings?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by rocafella1978, May 13, 2016.

  1. hi all, back again to racing, setting up my rig again after months of downtime relocating overseas, new job, new baby boy born!! wonderful times! also getting my rig unpacked from container and updating games, system and all.

    now to all the sim racers out there: any new GFX (PP) settings I should have or change to default? if so what is the default?

    or should i just delete the game and re-download/ re-install?
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  2. if possible, maybe one of you who has the DEFAULT GFX settings for AC could post them please?
  3. Is easier to first verify game cache integrity on steam library - AC right click, properties - local files tab. This will restore any edited files to original values, for the files placed in the Steam installation folder. Nothing will change for user settings in assetto corsa folder in Documents when doing this game verification.
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  4. Hey rocafella I remember you from the p cars forum you were giving us the g29 setups on there my Id was sirsilver1968 how goes it
    I am also playing assetto corsa and I'm loving it, my rig isn't high end but I can get 60fps as long as I keep reflections, mirrors and post processing down to medium, I can still run anisotropic and world detail on max :)
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  5. hi @Yam168, doing well thanks and how are you? are you running G29 or have changed? i still have my G29 but my nephew uses it, am on Fanatec CSW V2 now, and planning to move to LB SSx or Reimer OSW...but can't make up my mind and have to save $$$ some more :)
    how about you all good? I have not touched pCARS in more than 6months I think or longer. do you use any PP filters? anything at all? my brother played with all the settings and so much is just messed up, and had to use a new drive...long story short, I have to reset all and back to default and start from scratch.
    do you have screenshots of default or what you have? just curious.
  6. I still use my g29 I am still.cutting my teeth playing AC which I have to say I am loving a much better racing experience than p cars,, no where near as many idiots online either I've have some amazing races online getting my ass whipped but it's fun and I'm enjoying the experience of it.

    I do.use pp filters photographic, all on medium settings the only mods I have added are fonseckers sound mods they are really good you wanna check them out.
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  7. If you want to revert to default video settings, just delete \documents\assetto corsa\cfg\video.ini.
    A new one will be created with defaults (the game will then copy steam folder's assettocorsa\cfg\video.ini to that location). After doing it, you must re select video resolution in the drop down box, so it'll be written to your documents folder video.ini.
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