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Misc Assetto Corsa Black Cat UI July#06

Assetto Corsa Black Cat UI based on default theme from version 1.7.4

  1. Alexandr66 submitted a new resource:

    Assetto Corsa Black Cat UI - assetto corsa ui black cat ui based on default theme from version 1.5.4

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  2. Hi.. this theme looks awesome but its just way to small on my 1440p screen. Is there any way to get it to fit my screen?
  3. Hey Greg and it's possible, BUT for this you need to change the size of all backgrounds to 1440p exactly. As well, to do not lost quality - all original "shots" should be not less or equal to 1440p... Generally, UI theme maded for most used 1080p screen
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  4. I gotcha.. thanks for the reply
  5. Hello !!
    The last picture is a Lotus ?
    Thank you !!
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  6. Hey there,

    Yes, mostly probably. Good, that you as well found this simply designed UI useful ..
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  7. Hallo Alexandr66,

    Is it possible to change the background of the begining of the game after the intro when you choose main menu, career or special events, that background i would like to change!!
  8. Hey Alexandr66,

    thank you for your answer!
    question, can you maybe make different icons pack for map 100, same thing what you thit for bgr map?
    I like your theme mods so keep going!
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