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Sounds Assetto Corsa - Audi TT Cup 2015 - Sound Mod (FMOD) 1.3

Assetto Corsa - Audi TT Cup 2015 - Sound Mod (FMOD) 1.0

  1. Yes the "klick" is bad
  2. 1.1 is a nice improvement, more prominent engine note, but the clicking while significantly reduced is still there.
  3. i checked it with a friend!! i don´t have it, but my friend still!! :-(( ... check the new one v1.2 .. and let me know!! ;-))
  5. 1.2: Engine note is deeper and more interesting (I don't know if it's more realistic or not, but don't really care TBH). As for the clicking - the good news is it's less loud, and now is more a tick than a click; bad news - its still there. You notice it most when accelerating lightly, and it seems to happen at specific RPM (1800, 2800, a few others). May happen in any gear (I tested 1st and 2nd), and whether you are in cockpit or chase camera view.
  6. Great work. I should suggest you to decrease a little the other car engines sound. During races it cover your own sound when you are nearer than 10 meters.
  7. Is online on Mediafire ;-) Let me know .... @ Skandal
  8. Hi @JustSound . Tried the last version, still very good sound, again little too much volume of the other Audi TT engine during races, when you are near them. Thanks a lot for your effort.