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PC Assetto Corsa and Windows 10

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Manolis Sigoulakis, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Is Assetto Corsa playing OK after you installed Windows 10? My game is stuck in the "populating favorites" while starting and I can't play it. I am not sure Windows 10 is the problem, as I haven't played the game for around a month, but I think that might be the cause.
  2. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Works for me on both upgraded and clean installs of 10
  3. Verify cache integrity of the game. And make sure the assetto corsa folder in Documents has the admin rights to be written and modified.
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  4. Works ok for me
  5. Everything was good on my end after doing the basic upgrade from Win7. I was shocked everything is working so far :)
  6. Right click on game exe. go to properties and change compatibility to Win 7 ....I had the same issue.
  7. Win 10 is fine for me dude.
  8. windows 10 and assetto working here, maybe quicker graphics than win 8.1
    but, for info - I updated the amd graphic driver to latest version today and assetto wouldn't work with it.
    reverted back to previous driver and it's now working again.
  9. On the topic of Windows 10, have any of you noticed performance/fps improvements (in AC or other sims) with Windows 10?
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  10. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    I read somewhere that at the moment it's :-
    AMD - use windows own AMD drivers
    NVIDIA - use nvidia latest drivers from web
  11. yup. big performance improvements on AC and pCars from win7 64bit. i think i got 15-20fps improvement.
  12. so does windows 10 improve AC performance?
    i am thinking about updating form win8 to win10 is it worth it?
  13. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    @gilles13 It's free and it's basically Windows 8.2, nothing to loose
  14. So it doesn't affect AC Performance?
  15. I am having the issue of getting in the game, being able to pick my car, track ect. but once I start the session it hangs in loading and goes right back to the menu.. I have tried run as admin and compatibility mode for win 7, still no joy. Can anyone help? :)
  16. reselect the resolution or the pp filter in the game menu. If doesn't work, then update your video card drivers for win10.
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  17. got new drivers ect. that didn't work, I got it to work by re-naming my Assetta Corsa Folder in Documents. I had to reset all my options, but its working now. :)
  18. Regarding the exact error message.................... it comes at point when the cars folder is being parsed............ so there is a problem with a cars folder.
    I had exact same error with the new Fortmula Renault mod. It downloaded & decompressed ok but all the files were blank. So I used the free version of WinZip & it solved the problem. Files are ok. AC loaded as usual.
    Hope that helps
  19. I had indeed downloaded the FR3.5 mod, that might be the issue
    I had the same problem,usually when I install a new mod. Close the game and restart it. If it happens again, restart it.... Sometimes it takes 7-10 restarts for the game to launch properly... Good luck!