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Assetto Corsa and Oculus Rift Dk2

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tony Gentile, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. I had the chance to try out Asseto Corsa with Oculus Rift DK2
    Off to purchase one:):):)
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  2. Make sure you try it with SweetFX when you get yours, makes it 1000x times clearer and sharper, night and day with the rift :)
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  3. The day we get options for setups and tires in the DK2 I'll be playing non-stop. As of now, I only enjoy it with certain cars which perform well with default setup and tires.
  4. fikulek4

    Premium Member

    Hi Friends are you using oculus and assetto corsa direct mode or extendet mode in option ???
  5. Use Extended Mode / Primary unless you use AC Rift Helper or Oracl to launch with Rift as secondary display.
  6. Triple screens are coming down :redface:
    Believe me its that good :thumbsup:
    Back to a single 27":)
    At a friends place trying it out with my son
    Was lucky to run a lap or two at Spa in the Mclaren MP4 GT3
    Then same car but 9 laps at Nordschleife by snoopy mod Wow..........
    Airborne in places and you feel the climbs, and drops,and the suspension compressing,
    In and out car detail is just awesome:).
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  7. Thanks Dave will give Sweet FX a go as soon as mine arrives :)
  8. Are these the default setups: steam\steam apps\common\assetto corsa\system\setups? They can be modified with notepad and seem to affect the handling when changing wing angles, springs, ect. Labor intensive to create setups this way but I can't abide the default understeer. If the path above isn't the location of the default setups where are they?
  9. Mach

    #47 G.R.Webb Sidecar Racer 1962-1972

    If I'm honest I was a little underwhelmed by occulus, it was a pain to set up and the res. isn't good enough yet...I did turn a few laps of spa in the MP4 GT3, but even though I kept re-centering, it didn't look straight. I could see however that it will be amazing but a bit a of a faf so far, maybe I'll give it another crack this week...

    Sweet FX?? what is this magic you speak of?
  10. @Ronin_GTMach I am not 100% sure if it is still like that, but I think the camera has to be parallel to your seat, centering in Assetto Corsa only centers the position, not the angle. So when I decide to play I take care to align the camera to point exactly against the direction the seat is facing.

    It is a very basic implementation so far, but imho it is still the best (especially in terms of realism) DK2 experience available next to Elite Dangerous.
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  11. Mach

    #47 G.R.Webb Sidecar Racer 1962-1972

    @Rockatansky Thanks :) Unfortunately I did too, even in the demo scene it's on the wonk!! I may just need to get the unit swapped out....cheers though.
  12. finally its worth to buy it now the dk2 or its better to wait?:unsure:
  13. If you have a good PC, are okay with having to fiddle with settings, drivers, 3rd party utilities, etc., in order to get it working - then yes, it should be worth it as the CV1 is not likely to be available until late this year or beyond. If you'd rather not be bothered with such things, then you should definitely wait until the tech is more user-friendly and has better support and dedicated VR titles.
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  14. Hey,

    I have DK2 and camera can be anywhere - it just must see the Oculus properly. To make centering camera using ctrl+space in Assetto Corsa OK you must first position the camera properly in Oculus VR configuration Utility. To do that you have to:
    - sit on your rig/gaming position,
    - open Oculus Configuration Utility
    - click SHOW DEMO SCENE
    - when the scene is on you have to click START
    - then you switch POSITION to SIT and then
    - you look forward in natural/neutral position (on your real body, not what you see in Oculus) and click RECENTER.
    - DONE

    Somehow Assetto Corsa uses this saved in Oculus VR configuration utility position to properly recenter your view.

    I hope it helps! Have Fun! ;)

    Another useful tip is to have both monitor and Oculus connected to your PC. You set everything up on your monitor where you can see the menu on AC, then you open Oculus Configuration Utility, then you use combination of: WINDOWS+P to switch to Oculus Only. After that you use alt+tab to find Oculus Configuration Utility and click TOOLS->SERVICE->RESTART - it makes your refresh rate work properly. After that you use alt+tab to go back to AC and just click start. Your game should work properly with 74hZ refresh rate if you set it up properly in AC options.
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  15. Mach

    #47 G.R.Webb Sidecar Racer 1962-1972

    @88qba88 thanks for this mate....I'm sure I centered in the demo scene, but I will give it another go...nice one..
  16. Hi lads, couldn't post in buy/sell/trade for some reason.
    WTB DK2. If you've one for sale kindly PM me. Cheers
  17. Sorry man. I just gave one away.
  18. Hey guys, just something I've always wondered. Personally I can't wait for the cv1 too come out. I use 3d vision 2 so the cv1 should be awesome, anyhow when ever I see dk2 video of cockpit view it always seems people sit way too far back as the image shows all the steering wheel and arms etc. My question is surely you can adjust the camera to a more realistic forward view as you would actually see in real life. Am I off the ball with this or am I missing something?
    Thanks all.
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  19. It must be the way the video is converted from 3D stereo optics too 2D that makes it look like that because when you are in VR the driver doesn't have a head and you can play with the center setting until it's perfect. Even the steering wheel feels so right with the VR hands gripping the wheel that I am surprised when the VR hand doesn't move when I do.
    I can drive better in VR as well. Leaning over in a 60's F1 to line up your front wheel with the curb is pretty cool. The whole experience is just more natural for me.
    I have a hard time driving simulators, too old I guess. VR helps.
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  20. Turk

    Premium Member

    You have to take into account your eyes have a pretty wide field of view you just tend to concentrate on what's in front of you. The rift is trying to ape that field of view so that when you move your eyeballs up and down there's something to see there. That added field of view will help with the sensation of speed too, that comes from stuff whizzing by in your peripheral vision.

    So don't judge the rift by how it looks on a monitor, you have to imagine that image wrapped around your head. You might not pay attention to everything on the screen at all time but it's a fundamental part of the experience. that's my lay opinion based on zero experience.