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Misc Aspertsham Trackcams 1.1

Trackcams Aspertsham

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  1. Can you advise what folder to place the file. The file contains AI & data when I download it.
  2. Top job with the cameras, I've done a quick video using them (Camera Set 1 I believe) if anyone wants a quick preview. Cam's even provided a good view of the hooning around at the end too :D

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  3. What folder does the data file go in once mod is downloaded?
  4. In the Aspertsham track folder.
  5. Thanks @garyjpaterson for your rating!! And thanks to answer to @hodge!
    dTV 1: for slow run or slow cars or "legal speed", or parade etc....(many switch between cams)
    dTV 2 & dTV 3: for pilots or "fearless", or fast cars ( like gary's anglia)

    PS: nice video with the Anglia!! Test the Ruf Yellow Bird, it's insane on this road!! I confirm this is dTV1 in the video
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  6. Thank you for doing this.

    I tried with ai. Seemed to work but both cars start the race pointing the wrong way. It makes an intrresting change but might not be ideal.
  7. ok..like coste road, a sort of fake traffic!:)
  8. Really hope all Aspertsham users like it.:redface:..i've passed the night on the update.. If someone having a good PC and skills would make a preview video...thank you ;)
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  9. OK. I made a video to promote your nice dTV Cams @ Aspertsham.

    You can watch the same replay for all 4 dTV Cams.
    dTV Cam2 starts @ 2:26 Cam3 @ 4:44 and Cam4 @ 7:00
    Number Plate in the video made by: velofosse
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  10. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    @dodz27 sorry mate, when posting my review it was aimed on your first version. Didn't take notice of the update at the moment of typing. Else I would have given 5 stars.

    However, I changed dTV 3 to my personal likings by just deleting cams 2, 3 and 6. Here's how it looks like...

  11. @Aleinikov ,thank you very much for this preview video! It's awesome to watch!;)

    @Reik Major ,you're welcome, thanks for rating! Very interesting changes for set3..maybe you have the right combo!:)

    I never drive on this track with AI...I don't know why the AI start in rev position!..when i made it, i've started to record at the Aspertsham entry wooden panel in the right position...:O_o:
    If an expert in AI file have some freetime to check it...could be awesome!
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  12. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Thank you mate!

    It's not the main purpose of this track to race against the AI. I was just curious, so when the AI drove the R8, once it had turned around it wasn't driving too bad, so it was funny to chase it a bit... ;)
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  13. Wow..watch again this video @Aleinikov ,and i love it, thank you very much for this gift;)
    If, in some case of my other projects interest you, and if you have the time, you would make some previews videos, you're the boss:)
  14. Thank for for you warm words about my video.

    All you complaining about the topic that You and the AI car is starting the wrong way around:

    Its NOT in the ailine file defined.
    dodsz only made the ailine to have a reference point for at which point of the track the one camera starts and when its end to switch to the next camera.

    Car start position and pit box position are defined in the .kn5 (track) file as invisible 3D boxes on the track. The author of this track only have to turn AC_START_00 and AC_START_01 by 180 degrees.

    So please call the maker of this track about the wrong way aroung START_boxes.

    By the way, when the two split time boxes are missing in the track file, like in this case, there is also NO way to record and play back a GHOST CAR.

    What is a shame, because I would love to drive against myselt as ghost car on this track.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2016
  15. Another quick video using these cameras, this time the newer updated ones:

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