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Arms/hands not moving when up-close to steering wheel

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by SuperCouilles, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Greeting,

    This affect the Seat Cupra GT and the Saleen SR7 (which is a shame since the cockpit is rendered beautifully).

    So, set "real seat position @ OFF".
    As soon as you get closer to the steering wheel, the hands stop moving.

    Hope Simbin fixes this quickly. I know SR7 will be my fav.

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  2. !

    David Wright wrote this in another thread:

    Check the manual (top of page 21)

    When leaving Real Seat Positions in the ‘
    off position you are allowed to move the
    seat position outside the preset
    boundaries of the car used; this can
    have an affect on the visual presentation
    of the car’s interior and the animated
    The problem can't be fixed other than not moving the seating position so far forward.

    Needless to say that this is bad.
  3. It does it if you have real seat positions on aswell (only in the Saleen thought i think) :)
  4. I think they meant that you could go through the boundary (see through the hands, let say). Having the hands stopping working is bad IMO.
  5. The driver obviously hasn't got enough elbow room if you move the seat to far forward - very sim I would say
  6. I like the Saleen cockpit’s so much that I was going to start using the real seat position (and believe me, I really like driving real close to the steering wheel. We used to drive closer to the steering with GTR2 and I always liked that view).

    After verification, I have to conclude that this is a bug.
    I got astounded to see the hands stop moving * again * while braking hard.

    Here’s the setup:
    G-Force Simulation = 100%
    Look-To-Apex = 25%
    Cockpit Camera Movement = 100%
    Real Seat Positions = ON

    Set the seat as close as you can from the steering wheel.
    Brake hard and turn the steering – here you go: no hands movements.

    I did not check this with the Seat Cupra.

    Simbin, please fix this.