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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Slade Mitchell, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Why does every track I create come with grass on the side of the track? How do I made just a pure road, I dont know for the life of me how to get rid of the grass on the sides of the track. I didn't add it with materials, it just gets made that way every time I make a track!

  2. That's the default cross section, but removing the grass is easy. Go to the cross sections window ([​IMG] ) and delete the two outer points.
  3. You are a God. Thank you! :D
  4. Another issue I'm having (sorry, newb alert)

    Is there a way to use a photo from Google Earth as your terrain? I am trying to create the access road but haven't made the terrain yet, so it appears on my track 100 feet above the actual track!!
  5. You can use a photo (even from Google Earth, provided you make it have resolution of powers of 2, like 1024x2048) to texture blank terrain you've already pulled polygons for, but you can't grab a chunk of Google Earth terrain and use it directly.

    Another approach is to grab a chunk of Google Earth terrain, turn it into an object, and stick it in an xpack. Keep the chunks relatively small and remember that they're objects rather than terrain you can manipulate. Again, remember to keep texture resolution as powers of 2. See the thread about making objects from SketchUp version 6.
  6. ebrich


    Or make a background texture, from Google Earth, apply it as the background texture, in BTB, and use it as a blended texture in the Terrain Materials.
  7. Another thought occurred to me: Unless you're going to drive on that access road, you're probably better off just leaving it as terrain.