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Mods Argentina Track Mod by Jonix 1.0

Textures pack

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    Argentina Track Mod by Jonix - Textures pack

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  2. "Argentina" and "Termas De Rio Hondo" writhings have been creating from scratch using helicopter photos as references...they are high quality 1:1
    I'm very proud of my worrk!

    Though I did it for MotoGP15, I simply copied pasted it this year XD
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  3. Great Work as Always Jonix , Thanks for all this work ,And lovelly Termas :)
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  4. You are brillant mate - thank you so much! Love your work!
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  5. nice !!! thank you !!
    can you update silverstone ??
  6. Sorry I don't play this game anymore

    ..waste of time
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