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Are you wanting race nights and/or leagues - please vote (Multi choice)

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Gaz, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Yes I would like Forza 4 Race Nights

  2. Yes I would like Forza 4 Leagues

  3. No I don't want Forza 4 Race Nights

  4. No I don't want Forza 4 Leagues

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  5. Other please post

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG Premium Member


    Are you wanting Forza 4 race nights?
    Are you wanting Forza 4 leagues?

    Please vote.
    The vote is Multiple Choice.

  2. Maybe even run specials alongside actual events eg Le mans 24mins etc
  3. Plenty of votes going in thats nice
  4. I like the leagues, but its hard for me to find time every week, and it makes a bit of a mess of things when people (including my self) start missing weeks.
  5. I think r best bet is we do what we can, make the races we can and jus see hiw it goes, wont b perfect but we wnt kno if we dnt try
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