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Are there still SRW-S1's out there?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by gilles13, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Hi.

    I bought a Thrustmaster Servo a couple of weeks ago and i now want to make my first proper mod
    Since this wheel is a lot cheaper/nicer then the official TM F1 wheel :)

    I'm trying to find one of these for a couple of days now.

    Do any of you guys know where i can find one? Or maybe is willing to sell me one? ;)
    (please dont come up with Ebay/Amazon because i don't trust these sites anymore)

    This is what i am looking for

  2. HRE


    I don't like that wheel,it's very small. Have a look on google how people modded it,one guy even made it bigger since it's so tiny,i think he only used the handles. Nowadays DIY is so much easier with so many info out there. I'm also going to DIY a f1 wheel in the future,it's on my list of things i wanna do.

  3. You would be crazy to build a wheel around the S1's hand grips. They are the Weak joint in the S1 itself. maybe your thinking of razorsimons wheel build in which he used Fanatec Handles. Not the S1.

    Edit, there's Oh sooo many modded S1's out there.
  4. HRE


    No i will never use that wheel,it was a mod i saw like 2 years ago and it was a s1. The diy i'm going to do is a 3d printed wheel.
  5. But its still a lot cheaper then the TM f1 wheel, and all the buttons work.
  6. SRW the game is no more and thats the only game that knew how to control those bottom 3 dials.

    To my knowledge There's only 1 game that has a little app written to get the Bottom Encoders and Rotary's to work and its Iracing. So Unless you playing that, your only getting the standard button's,Rev led's plus the paddles/shifters of coarse.
  7. As a matter of fact i do play iracing mainly so thats handy xD :)

    But are there still some out there? by your knowledge
  8. HRE


    Have u checked amazon
  9. Yeah but i don't buy from Amazon/Ebay anymore since i got scammed a couple of times. Don't trust Dutch people, They Seem nice but deep inside they just want your money xD

    Nah Dutch people are pretty nice heheh
  10. I have three unopened onces. It´s brilliant to put on a rim.
  11. Well then what are you waiting for :)