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ARC_Team G25 E Mod

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TheRealF1fanatic, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Just a little background first. I'm a PS3 racer but don't let that fool you, I'm pretty serious about my sims. I have a homebuilt cockpit with a G25 wheel set up. I also have the Perfect Pedal brake mod which is a great add I must say. http://www.racedepartment.com/sim-racing-hardware/25-show-your-cockpit-124.html

    Who is ARC_Team? The G25 E mod comes from the ARC_Team out of Italy and they are pretty serious about sim racing too. I'll leave it at that and here is their website link if you want to know more.

    What is the G25 E Mod? The G25 E mod enhances the power that your G25 or G27 puts out to the FFB motors significantly. It uses a new power supply, booster circuit and modifies the circuit board by replacing resistors and other electronic components so the wheel can handle more power and remain reliable. It also modifies some duct work in the case(chassis) and adds some small fans to increase the airflow around the motors.

    My Impressions on the Mod: First of all, if this was a mediocre improvement I would not take the time to write this post. The FFB in the wheel has been enhanced quite significantly. So much so that a high speed spin in some cars can rip the wheel out of my hands. Because of the much enhanced FFB the communication to the road is also enhanced. Sensing limits in traction and bite is a breeze. Was that bump steer? Yes it was. Great add to my cockpit. I can't imagine anyone adding this mod and saying it wasn't worth it. Looking to increase the realism? Here you go.

    How it comes from ARC_Team: You can buy a complete wheel from them already modified. You can send your wheel to them, have it modified, and they will send it back to you. You can also buy a do it yourself kit if you are handy with a soldering iron and modifying a circuit board. I chose the 3rd option and it was a bit daunting. Fortunately, I had the help friends who work in the after-market auto electronics industry. My friends enjoyed the challenge but they are nerds(I mean that as a major compliment), but I was over my head. If I had it to do over again I would probably choose the 2nd option. Many of you PC builders may not be scared of this at all.

    Great mod and is like having a new high end wheel. :D
  2. Nice report there dude.
    I think I will press the button on this upgrade to my G25.
  3. I am on the edge about picking up a used g25/g27 and going this route as well.
  4. Yep, I now have a G25 and a G27 coming that I picked up with a pc rig... so I will test both and decide which to keep and get the arc for that wheel.
    Anyone have a prefferences and reasons for this with the G25 & G27 Please?

    Thanks guys
  5. Guys Team ARC are sending me some stuff to review soon including a G25-E Kit and the the G25/7 Brake pedal mod, should be quite interesting and I will be able to give you the low down on the G25/7 mod then :)
  6. Nice one Brian. Any idea when this may be?
  7. Early feb I hope George :) Kinda funny, just as I was talking to Andrea at ARC about doing a review, you lot started talking about the ARC G25-E mod! :) Will be a VERY interesting review and if it works as well as it supposed to, it will give G25/7 owners a real upgrade path that will bridge the gap between the G25/7 /Fanatec wheels and the top end Frex etc wheels!

    Should be a hum-dinger :)
  8. Oh, george mate, where the Molly Feck is 'Wiggy Poo' lmao :)
  9. Hey Guys! I am glad a few of you are considering this mod. Daniel is the design engineer and very helpful. Sometimes his translations come across email a little strange because he speaks Italian but you can generally get the idea. Let me say again that this do it yourself mod is not for sissies. Having a good temperature controlled soldering iron with a fine tip and a steady hand is a must. It took 4 of us 3 hours splitting the work up. One person is going to have half a days work lined up for them if not more. Good fun tho, right! Somebody who is experienced soldering on a multilevel board is going to be very desirable whether that is you or someone helping you. Removing some components from the board is a little tricky and some parts you have to reuse so you can't just sacrifice them to get them off. Not trying to scare anyone off at all, just the opposite. Know what you're getting into and decide which route you want to go. I have a set of the instructions with some key parts omitted out of respect for the design engineer. If you want to see them I will send a copy to your email. It's a big file, 67 steps I think, but this will give you a good idea as to whether you want to try and tackle. I could not link them to a post. If anyone has another idea of how to share a larger PDF file I am open.

    I look forward to other people doing this so we can share our thoughts. I used a back up wheel the other day and I was like "what's wrong with this thing?" lol.
  10. Nice one TherealF1fanatic. My lady is very experianced at soldering and use to make torque sensors for Mclaren... very fine and super hard to do so I and she thinks that there wont be anything on the build that will be beyond her skills... cool.

    Brian, Wiggy Poo is near Hinclkey. Leices : )

  11. Cool, PM me your email and I'll send you a PDF of the instructions minus a few steps.
  12. @ George, Do you loan the Mrs out for editorial projects looool :)
  13. Yea... maybe mate. I am sure we can arrange something... : )
    Fair exchange is no robbery...
  14. I all ready downloaded the pdf 'minus a few steps' but understandably its not got any 'circuit ' shots so dont rearly tell us very much except the off board stuff is fairly easy!
  15. Hehehehehehe, I should be fine, but if I get stuck, I might PM you for some advice loooool :)
  16. If you already looked at the PDF and don't have any concerns I probably don't have any valuable advice to offer. I look forward to seeing what you guys think about the mod once you have it installed and working. :f1:
  17. A quick update............

    Andrea (ARC-team CEO) will be sending me the G25-E mod kit asap (He is waiting on some components atm) I will keep you all up to date as and when I know more :)
  18. Big ask, but would be good to see a step by step build :) I'm sure it can't be so hard, but would definately help alot of people. I don't know whats already in the Mod kit instructions, maybe they are enough already. Look forward to seeing the review, its something I am looking to do in the new year, either to a new G27 or my old G25, or maybe both :)
  19. Hi Mike :)

    ARC are pretty tight lipped about what the conversion involves tbh, I have to sign a 'non disclosure agreement' before they will even send me a 'full' copy of the instructions! I dont blame them, this type of thing is ripe for copy cat conversions. I will however, be putting up as much info as I can with Andrea's permission, it may not be a 'by the numbers' guide, but should contain enough info's to judge if its a job you want to tackle or not by yourself!

    I'm pretty excited about this conversion, it promises alot and all the stuff I have read so far, by owners of the conversion were VERY positive!

    I am also going to to run a special 'Official ARC-Team Thread' so we can build a knowledge base and have as much info on hand as possible for those who are contemplating or indeed doing this conversion as well as all ARC's other products!

    Should be pretty cool :)
  20. Hey B,

    great stuff, I'm sure it will be a "full fat" review as always :) Really looking forward to it. Like you mentioned earlier this really gives people an upgrade path to something on par with the higher end wheels. If your review confirms what I hope then I'll be digging out the old soldering iron (not used since my RC car days, my pride and joy being a Schumacher Pro Cat for anyone that cares lol)