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ARC Team release more info on their Pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Arc Team have released an interesting article about their 'simulator' Grade pedals, it shows the detail and design process that goes into high end pedals.


    You can read the article HERE at the ARC Team Website...


    We will shortly be reviewing ARC Teams G25-e mod soon also and a few other interesting items!

  2. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium Member

    dosn't work, can't see text o pictures
  3. I can...
  4. Me too. :wink:
  5. no clutch?
  6. "Pneumatic braking system until 95 kgs" - air in a real braking system is a bad thing as it gives spongy pedal feel.. can't see why this would be any different in a sim pedal since we are, afterall, trying to simulate the real thing..
  7. Hi Paul, air will work perfectly :) Its not the medium (i.e. Hydrualic fluid or air or water) but the compression ratio/piston size that gives pressure and the feel. Hydraulic fluid barely compresses, whilst air does fairly easily. You just have to use the right ratio. And the air system is CLEAN, wifey will not appreciate 'bleeding' a fluid based system in the house LOL!

    Hope that helps :)
  8. Hello guys.
    Let me present: i'm Andrea Rossetti, Ceo of ARC_Team.
    First of all, sorry for my bad english and double post.

    Maybe not all of you really know what ARC_Team do:
    first of all, we develop driving system for professional driver and equipments for training simulators around the world.
    Second, we make driver and engineer training on own simulator (we work with: GP2, AutoGp, F3 and F. Abarth Team and drivers) and, third, when we have confirmations from Team engineers & driver that the job done is the better solution to simulate real things as: brake, steering wheel, feedback, gears, cockpits and software, we can realize a version for sim racing.

    The future ARC_Pedals will be in market only after we have finish all improvements suggested from Team and drivers.
    Before to release a product we will be sure is the better and more close as possible solution confirmed also from telemetry data compared with the real.

    When we have ok from Team Engineers and drivers, for us, is enough. We keep in high regard all opinions of potential customers but, simracers, may not have the same experience as real driver have. Anyway, Paul, when we have ready the final products, will be a pleasure if you want to came in our research center for a test.:)
    Be sure: when the system will be released, will be revolutionary.

    Thank you Brian for the news.

    Have a nice day of all you guy.

    Andrea Rossetti
  9. Well, this seems only suited for pros or rich people, i mean, pneumatic brake? I would need a compressor and air reservoir, also, it would be a bit noisy, as i can see an exaust in one of the air connectors. But it might feel just like the real thing, i'm sure :)
  10. No Cesar. You are in wrong. No compressor, no noise. Only and simple air like the one you breathe. For sure will be not a cheap system as industrial products like Logitech and Fanatec but, entry level model (is the system showed in pic), we are working for to keep under 1000€.
  11. No compressor? but i'm confused... It looks like it has connectors for pneumatic tubes, and i see a pneumatic exhaust muffler. Or is it something else that looks like that?
  12. I like it!
    Does it simulate how the heated fluid works? Is there any simulator (rF, RBR) exist, which can handle that?
  13. No, nothing will be connected to pneumatic tubes. This is the news!
    Actually all competitors on the market are realizing pedalset with normal potentiometer, or hall sensor or load cell using always springs and, someone, have decide to risk using hydraulic system. we have choose to follow another way. Are 12 months we are working for but, believe us, final result is great. The first pedalset (3 pedals) has been buyed from Mercedes for their own Training Simulator. After we deliver the simulator we are building for them, we release the product for the market.

    Air have not the problem of the heated fluid but i don't understand the sense of the question. Can you explain me better?