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WIP Apricot Hill Speedway

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by KieferDJW, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Hey,

    my last track is nearly finished and so I'm going to start a new project.
    This time, I'll try to build one of my favourite Gran Turismo tracks, the "Apricot-Hill-Speedway".

    I prefer the GT2-Version (also I haven't seen the GT5-Version yet), but I'm not sure how I should make the track:
    - as detailed like the origin one (a lot of work...)
    - same track-layout but new background objects
    - a little bit modificated track-layout, based on the origin one.

    So... whats your opinion?

    Apricot Hill.jpg
  2. thx for the detailed picture ehrlec. That should be a big help.

    Well, the layout of the tracks are changing a little bit from time to time...
    If the community think that there are some turns that need to be modificated, why not?
    I'm just asking before I'm going to deep into the project. So it would be easier to modifiy.
  3. To tell the truth, Apricot Hill hasn't changed very much at all from my point of view (I only have GT3 and GT4 though). I'd rather have the track as it is in the games.

    Good luck with the project... Apricot Hill is one of my favourite tracks too, and I'll be looking forward to see what comes of this. :)
  4. thx. I'm working on it nearly every day. After the first track layout was finished, I'm actually busy by making necessary xPacks. The most bilboards are done - even GT is loading them random... As seen on many tracks, you'll find a lot of flags around AH. Well, the modell is done, but weird as I am, I'm now going to include as much kind of flags as possible. And It will take a little while to make over 200 different flags...
    At the moment, I've got only 117 finished.

    flag prefab.jpg

    I was watching hours of AH-videos and you're right, AH hasn't changed a lot from GT2 - 4. Sadly there no GT5-videos available yet.
    The most probs I'll get are the shadows in turn 1+2 and the models of the pit-buildings.

    If there's anybody out there who could help me with them... please!!!
  5. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Thats because there is no Apricot Hill Raceway in GT5 apparently. Unless its some sort of hidden track?
  6. Well, tracks from earlier GT games being left out of future instalments is not unheard of... tracks such as Grindelwald haven't been seen since GT2, and the High Speed Ring was nowhere to be found in GT3. Likewise, the Tahiti rally track (not the Tahiti Maze) only appeared in GT3 and has been left in the past.
  7. track layout

    Hi everyone,

    after few weeks of busy work, I'm still working on the track.
    Sorry that it had taken so long til new news about Apricot Hill.

    The track ist far away from finish, but i'll present you a first preview about what your waiting of.
    Although I haven't played AH on the PS for a long while, the YEAH!-feeling comes out after the first corner! :car:
    I hope the track layout is as close as possible to the origin PS-Version (e.g. curbs, walls).
    If there would be any mistake, plz let me know (especially before I'm going to build the whole entire landscape etc.)


    PS: if someone would be interested in playing this really early Evo-Version, just send me an message and I'll upload it.
  8. Looking really good so far... I'd be interested in giving it a go.
  9. This looks interesting. You plan on releasing this for rFactor as well? :)
  10. update. WIP, 2011-05-14

  11. ca. 90% is done.
    Here are some new vid's. Hope you enjoy :)


  12. Love to try it, i have other tracks to test too, it's a testday tomorrow then.
  13. NO NO NO NO!!! I will not register to any german site to test this.. Please, use mediafire or similar when trying to convince people to test, do NOT use them to get more registered users to a site. Shame on you!
  14. Sorry from here too,was little cranky this morning..
  15. I'm testing it now. I'll send you PM of my findings.. Looks great, i didn't remember it was that easy but then again, since i've last played GT4 was, hmm at least 4 years ago. There was some, hmm, interesting pictures in the mas folder, i'm expecting to find some easter eggs hidden in the crowds...lol...
  16. If you've not found it yet, you should better search at the pit :)
  17. Hi there, I've been emailing you the last couple of days with ideas.

    I have just re-ran the beta and the trees are nowhere near as bad as I remember them. Like I said though, make the track texture darker and you're near enough ready for release. It's brilliant mate.