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Anyone tried a gamepad?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by eljueta, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. eljueta


    Hello everyone,

    I want to play this online with a friend who doesn't own a steering wheel, anybody tried to play with a gamepad? is it viable (maybe with assists)?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    I would say it depends more on his experience driving with a gamepad. I made online races here for a few months (before buying a wheel finally ;)) without any trouble (I mean no more trouble than now with the wheel…:whistling:). I even did the driving academy here with the pad; I missed the tips about wheels but that already taught me a lot.
    I was already used to play with a pad tho. I only had auto clutch I think (then again it came with experience, I started with aids and gradually removed them). That seems a good way to let him try and maybe get to the point where he will want a wheel! :p
  3. I've played sims for years with a pad with no issues. I play AMS with an Xbox 360 pad which is great for sim racing. It's obviously not as immersive as with a wheel but with proper set up you can run perfectly respectable times. Pay attention to steering sensitivity and dead zones so you're not twitching all over the place at high speed, and it may be worth starting with traction control and ABS on low until you get used to it. I generally race with no aids apart from auto clutch now, unless the car has TC and ABS in real life.
  4. eljueta


    good to know! Maybe I can convince him now then :p
  5. I have a very nice setup for my pad when I can't be bother to set the wheel up, let me know if he wants it and I can post some screens for you mate.
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  6. Hello - It would be great if you can post up your gamepad settings. I'd like to give them a try on my gamepad.

  7. eljueta


    Thanks for the replies, still trying to convince him to buy the damn game :p
  8. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis

    Make sure to make to use speed sensitivity (about 75%) and a low steering lock. Play around with some aids like steering help, stability control and opposite lock. Remember, you're trying to get him hooked so there is no shame in using a little help in this case =)
  9. Kev Rees

    Kev Rees

    Have just picked up this game myself and don't have the means for a steering wheel so making do with an xbox 360 controller. May have to look for something better tho as it feels twitchy even with the sensitivity and steering lock turned way down. It's more than likely cobwebs on my part tho as have not dabbled in sim racing games for a few years. I'm sure if your friend buys the game on steam they can play for up to 2 hours and if it's not their thing can request a refund. Personally, i had some annual leave left in work which i have booked this week to try and at least beat ai on 85% difficulty, yes i'm that bad lol.
  10. I use this controller for 2 years now. Its the XBox Speed Wheel. Basically its a Xbox 360 controller, with no RB and LB buttons, and no sticks. You hold it in your hands like a airplane controller, and turn it left or right to control the car wheel.

    Its incredibly precise, the minimum input you make reflects on wheel, with virtually no lag.

    I've created a configuration file for it years ago, based on a xbox 360 profile Ive found on the web, and it still works flawlessly. I use the buttons for pit limiter, look left/right, change gears, pause, call pitstop... basically you can map whatever you want in it, together with the keyboard.

    You get a level of precision you can't have with a default gamepad, with virtually no setup and maintainance a proper wheel requires. It's plug-and-play, windows 7, 8 and 10 already have its drivers.

    But your arms can get tired in the beginning :)

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