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Anyone still making tracks?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alexander Rhodes, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Needing a kart track making before the new year, I had been waiting on WIP's, but they've taken years to get nowhere.

    The track I need is Three Sisters kart track (in Wigan UK).

    The track, it's layouts and an aerial image can be seen here: http://www.three-sisters.co.uk/circuit.asp

    I'm not looking for perfection to begin with, just looking for something so that I can gauge sprocket sizes etc. for my season next year.
  2. Thanks Raido, I had searched everywhere for this one, but everytime I got to a download link, it either wouldn't load or ssaid file removed.

    Thanks again :)
  3. Also, is anyone able to open the additional layouts?
  4. In order to find something, it helps to use Google properly ;) It's still a dumb search, so if it can't find stuff it often helps to carefully study the url's of places it *had* been in and note the file name. (Like 3_sisters.rar or the like) Then when you google for that, it often finds stuff on file servers.

    As for additional layouts, probably won't happen until you grab a copy of 3Dsimed and manually remove the infield barriers yourself and then make new AI with rFactor's AI editor.
  5. So basically, always search extensions? Shall remember, as I only found 2 places where it had once been lol.

    Are there any easy to follow tutorials with such programs? I'm not too bad with photoshop, and dreamweaver is getting there, but when it comes to 3d modeling, I'm lost lol, not even good enough with sketch-up lol.
  6. There are - again, use the Search function (on this here forum and on Google and the like).
  7. Mario, while we're at it - you made some nice tracks, any chance of us seeing Guangdong in the (near) future?
  8. In Guangdong, the track is ready, but no trees, and no buildings. Need more Photos for modeling. maybe same one in china.
    and other projects have higher priority
  9. Ok thanks Mario, I am glad someone made a nice version of it - even if it is basic, I hope you can release a V1.0 at some point at least, I read on Chinese simracing forums that people really hope to drive this local track one day. (There aren't that many trackmakers in China yet, it seems - I ported the Chengdu track from Race07 to rF and they seemed pretty happy to have that at least)