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Anyone interested in creating an X-Pack for some $$$$$

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Butters69, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I am willing to pay $5 (Australian) an item for the things that I require. Probably looking at about 20 items all up. I am sure for anyone that is a pro at this stuff it probably won't take them that much of their time. I am looking for professional looking objects so please don't offer if you don't have the skills required as I do not wish to offend anyone. Looking for one person to do the job so as to minimise the hassle of payment.

    The sorts of things I will be after is
    1. Starting lights.
    2. Fences.
    3. Floodlights/track lights.
    Below is an image showing the sorts of fences I am after. It is important that they replicate what is seen e.g. the large wire ropes attached to the white pole with mesh fence.
    t1 frm t2.JPG

    If anyone is interested please show me your skills by creating the white fence shown as a string object in BTB. I will leave this thread open until Thursday at which time I will pick who I would like to create my X-Pack.

    My reasons for not wanting to create the X-Pack myself is that I don't have the skills required and to be honest I don't have much time outside of work and family life to spare and I would rather spend what little time I have creating tracks rather than learning new skills.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. Nice proposition. Think the work needed to do this is worth a bit more than AUS100
  3. Tell me a 3d modeller that works for $1.00au an hour and I'll employ him :D. It takes a good 4-5 hours to make a decent model, complex models can take weeks.

    The whole thing about this community is to 'Do it yourself'. In a way we are all artists and have a creative spirit, thats why we ended up here. Most people didn't know head or toe about 3d modelling before they came here, but thanks to things like Google Sketchup and Blender, they are able to get into it and start building models of their own.

    For the amount of time it has taken you to post this message and wait for a reply, you could have watched some tutorials and build models of your own :)

    Check this site out.
    There is a Google Sketchup tut there that will benefit you greatly.

    But in saying that, most people here will be happy to help you anyway, no need to pay people. Just ask for help and someone will respond, it happens all the time.
  4. Wow really that long to create one thing. Oh well then I will expect no replies lol. I had no idea it would take that long to create such things. I had been playing a bit but did not have the skills required for working out the mesh and stuff so thought I would try and get an expert on board. I was kind of hoping that someone who enjoys doing this type of stuff with time on their hands may of taken up the challenge but I really didn't know it was that time consuming.

    Oh well nevermind I guess I am going to have to learn how to do it then. No doubt it will get easier with practice.

    Thanks for the reality check guys :D
  5. NP, watch that tutorial and make a model, if you have any questions, ask away.

    Just a tip, Don't start big, start small, make a box and put textures on it to make a shed. then work your way up into more complex models.
  6. NO, you have to do your own work, to give to your circuit a special " taste", dont know if this expresion exist

    You can use Sketch up to make a lot of things, easilly

    1- starting lights, why not BTB ones?
    2- Fences, in the pic i dont see the "special fence", why not BTB ones, Does it worth to spend 3-4 hour, without having time?
    3- Ligths,why not BTB ones?

    First I thought you wanted an special future objects, but in pic i see the ones you need are quite old,

  7. Want the track to be a replica show me a fence object in BTB that reflects the one in the picture and I will gladly use it. Yes I could use the objects in BTB but then it would not truly replicate the track for the people that live near by or visit it frequently. Thanks for your input but as previously suggested I will go down the road of learning how to create the objects required.
  8. Post some clearer pictures with more detail of what you want, start lights and track lights. You may be surprised what can be done or suggested for you to try. Most people are quite happy to help in some form or other.
    If you want stuff to look like the real thing your going to have to have good photos of the real thing to create textures and to get the models correct. Keep us upto date on where your upto and if you need advice.
    Good luck, your journey has just begun. :f1:
  9. Yeah it's a bit of a major hurdle trying to create NZ tracks when you live in Australia. I know what I would like photo's of but unfortunately I'm not there and the only photo's I have been able to source have not been that great as far as detail goes. I'm thinking I will spend a day just watching tutorials of sketchup and Bob's Track Builder and then try doing want I want to.

    I will be the 1st to admit that I'm generally guilty of trying to run before I can walk. Trying to create complex objects before I know how to create basic. I will keep you all posted and I will appreciate any help offered or available. Do any of you use sketchup for creating objects if so I would appreciate any suggestions on creating the fences.
  10. hi
    "I will be the 1st to admit that I'm generally guilty of trying to run before I can walk", as you are Im quite impatient, My 1st track took me, at least 6 months, because I ve to learn how to use the program to make 3d objects, sketchup is easy to use, but the main problem is that its materials are not power of 2, most of them, so I recomend you to use in your buildings photos, importing them for power of 2 files, very important.