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Any way to watch replays outside of the game

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Engage, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Pc version
    Is there anyway you can view you replays, in windows
  2. No. If that was possible, replays would have to be a lot lot bigger in size.
  3. Ok cheers, look like im going to have to start using fraps:)
  4. lol replays. one of this games strong points for sure.
  5. Fraps Full is a great wee tool for F1 2010/11 - no clipping the CM stock camera also gives some otherwise totally neglected or unobtainable viewpoints.. Currently building the Season So Far movie with that & Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 combined. A lot of people seem to whinge about fps issues using Fraps, but hey, Pent 3 & 128mb gfx went out with pop socks. :D
  6. Xfire also works quite well and it also lets you upload the video to their site. The file stays on your PC of course, so you can upload it somewhere else too.
    At the moment, if you play F1 2011 on DX11, you just need a tiny little tweek to one .ini file, to enable the in-game overlay.
  7. Ah, I'd like to use X-fire myself and be interested in what that tweak was?
  8. In C:\ProgramData\Xfire\xfire_games.ini look for the "F1 2011" entries (two of them - one for the retail version and one for a Steam one) and in the one you're using change:
    Then, in the detected games list (in the options) chose F1 2011 and change its in-game renderer to DX11.
    And that's it. They've only introduced support for DX11 just a few days ago and officially it's for just a few games, but apparently it works in F1 2011 too (evidence being the screenshots in my profile :p), so I'm guessing they'll add it to the next xfire_games update as soon as they test it.
  9. Thank you kindly sir, I shall have a tinker with my x-fire .ini then.

    Cheers :)
  10. I just made a recording with MSI afterburner and for me that was miles ahead of x-fire.

    for some reason x-fire was writing HUGE files on my computer, something like 34000kbps. It was like 1 gig per couple of minutes, I had it set to the lowest settings, but that just doesn't seem right?

    especially since I just recorded 8 mins on afterburner and it's 220 mb.

    both were set to record half size at 25 fps with no audio.

    X-fire gave me a pretty serious performance hit while I didn't notice any performance change when running afterburner.
  11. Huh... Will check, especially since I'm on a MSI computer :eek:
    Any performance hits don't matter much though, if you're recording a replay ;]
  12. I forgot what this thread was about haha, I was referencing in game experience.

    Also though, you don't have to have MSI hardware to use afterburner, it's freeware for any Nvidia or ATI cards.
  13. Anyone ever played EA's F1 Challenge 99-02? Now THAT is replay at it's best. Apart from every conceivable camera angle you can even switch through all cams of all other cars in the race. Great to watch your car from the following driver's pov etc. Plus what I enjoyed was watching other drivers during qualify while waiting in the pit. Plus you could save any single fast lap or race at any time and replay at any time. Don't get me wrong...I think F1 2011 is great but here something vital is missing. I hope codemasters become aware of it.
  14. i agree but I fear that until a new specific game engine is created, we will be stuck with replaying only viewed from our own car. I am honestly fine with that if they will simply ditch those awful overhead and shaking chase cams. we arent making an f1 movie afterall.