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General Any tutorials for making a showroom?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by St3fan, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. St3fan


    I really want to make a showroom myself, but I can't seem to find good information how to do that. I find that I can probably use the create showroom function in Content Manager, but I can't find the requirements for the panorama image. What size? What resolution? Aspect ratio?

    Could anyone offer some help where to start?

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  2. It's just a normal model actually (export as 'track' from the kseditor), the panorama's just a regular texture mapped to whatever object makes sense for it. (Kunos ones are basically a hemisphere above a flat plane, with some of the details visible in the panorama modeled in around the seam)

    One unusual thing in the Kunos ones is that it uses a floating point dds format so the panorama's an HDR image with an all real brightness scale.

    You'll need at least 8000x4000 to get a decent ingame appearance, possibly larger.
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  3. mantasisg


    Great ! I was wondering about how to create showroom too.

    Content Manager can create a showroom ? Awesome :) Gotta try it when I'll manage to get a decent photo of nice environment.

    I guess modeling it and editing at ksEditor as a track would be an advantage. I wonder how much polygones and materials could a showroom have and not hit on performance.

    8000x4000 damn thats quite big image !
  4. Considering tracks have easily 3 million in sight at any given time, you can go quite crazy with a modeled showroom ;)
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