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Any one interested in persuing a class action suit against this BTB owner?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by David Lengel, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. I am new to this forum, under necessity to get acquianted with what is going on before I start posting. I see many posts about not being able to use the purchased software BTB, because of many different problems. The most assinine problem is not being able to get any help from the owner about reactivating your license because you have had a change in your devices. This is unaccepatble business practice. He will not respond to my requests to get this fixed. The forum only tells you that you must wait a year until your license expires before being able to get a new license to configure your software to work again.
  2. Although strictly in a legal sense there might be a ground for taking action, I don't think you'll find many BTB users who would want to take that route.
    You don't *have* to purchase the program, after all - I don't like the licensing system either (and in the end, I guess that's also why it was cracked & spread last year - I can't imagine the cracker brigade bothering with such a 'small' title otherwise), but, getting legal is probably not going to help.
  3. It's clearly said that it's better to renew the license for small periods of time (1-2 months). Maybe I'm lucky, but it was my fifth time with any problems - I always got a new license after 1-2 hours. Looks like the system likes me somehow :D
  4. Same here. I got mine in less than 5 minutes last time :D
  5. When I selected my licence time period, I was unaware of the what the best practice was - ie, to select a short renewal period. I selected the maximum - 18 months is it? Luckily, I have not had any problems yet..... (...probably just jinxed myself though....:facepalm: ..)
  6. All times I used license for 2 months... I don't have any problem too ... yet :)
  7. I have owned three (3) licensed versions of BTB since 2007. I build my own PCs and I have upgraded/updated them constantly over the years with absolutely NO PROBLEMS when re-authorizing TrackBuilder. I have, WITHOUT FAIL, received renewed licenses within twelve (12) hours. While I have to admit that I dislike the need to go online to renew, I have been subjected to much more draconian authorization requirements. People who complain about Brendon's methods have probably never dealt with Adobe, Autodesk, etc..
  8. or logitech,, "Please test it on another computer", "but I don't have another computer", "Sorry we can't go any further until you test it on another computer"
  9. Not sure about legal action..... sounds a bit OTT to me. All the guy needs to do is put a sign on his website saying that whilst you can pay for the product, don't expect any support.
  10. what would be the purpose? he quit developing it because he was broke and needed to get a real job. so its not like he would have any money to take.
  11. I still have loads of support for brendon. Btb is still a dream come true piece of software for me. Making my own tracks has been a dream since the beginning of my sim racing hobby and sometimes I still have to pinch myself just to check I'm not dreaming.

    Even if brendon has totally stopped working on btb (I can understand that) I still have btb and it works. I love it and I would never take part in any lawsuits.

    Sure the licensing has some issues but tbh I'd rather support brendon against your lawsuit than you.
  12. Ditto, leave brendon alone...for whatever reason he has lost interest in btb it's been my experience that sooner or later they reclaim their interest in the project.

    the design process is a funny beast and we've all done it with our projects at some time or other building a track and then for any number of reasons abandoning it for a time and then comming back to it at a later date with a fresh pair of eyes and fresh ideas.
  13. I thought that this Forum was founded for sharing ideas, getting knowledge of track building to let anybody who is interested in that to develop the skills and make better tracks. Did Brendon stole anything from you? Did you pay incredible money to get the junk? I guess not. Nobody likes the license system. And BTB has some behaviours too. And maybe it even does not work on every system on the planet. But somewhow almost everybody can handle it, because of the need to make tracks and have fun from them.
    In the same case I could go to public transport's forum (if there's any) and open the thread against them why I pay for the bus tickets, since there's always a croud of people and the drivers don't want to drive me directly to my appartment.
    Threads like this make me sick really... You don't need to use the BTB - there is other software, maybe you like it better.
  14. Totally second that.
  15. yup - Dufoe, this is a MAD subject. As Martinez has said, we are here to share and improve our modeling, not take down the chap that created it for us. You mad !
  16. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Dufoe, whose idea was this? You thought v1.5 of my Croydon circuit was great, that was made with BTB!!
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    A lawsuit is a great way to show your appreciation to the guy that made BTB possible in the first place and gave 1000s of gamers a great time racing on scratchbuild community made tracks... :(

    @Dufoe: don't think anybody will take you serious when this is the content of your first post on the BTB forum :( I know I don't!
  18. Lawsuit...? MEDICATE your self man! Take a breath of fresh air. I understand the license system perfectly, in these days of piratism. Also i think that when you actually have paid from something, it intrests you more. So practically that means better and better tracks over the time.

    No Brendon -> No BTB -> no new track / Hobby -> NO fun.

    I also made the mistake that i had 6 month of license period and then upgraded some parts of my computer. Had to wait for 3 months to get new. I used this time to do other stuff in live and occasionally made plans for new track in my head. When i had the chance to get a new license validated, it took 20 minutes to got the new one. :)

    So Peace for all and most importantly Respect for Brendon.
  19. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    What would be best: Brendon sees this and sees how we are supporting him against Dufoe? Or he doesn't see it at all?
  20. Well said !

    I'm allowed to say you're solved your own problem ?

    Happy building. Gladly want to see your new track within 10 minutes from now :)

    Just kidding, but serious, yes sir sometimes we say things witch we basicly don't want to say but's done within a minute.
    ctrl Z is not always available ;)