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Any Keyboard Players?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by LFCsmithy, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. As the title says............How many of you out there still play with keyboard.??
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  2. I Play with keyboard i know its Not cool :D but its fun
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  3. Same here........Dont get me wrong, if the wife didnt give me the evil stare whenever i mentioned getting a wheel...id have one lol.
    But im a GP4 veteran, and played with keyboard back then, so i guess im used to it. Although, i have to be careful when joining a online race to make sure assists are allowed.......Ive been caught out a few times when traction control and abs is banned, and basically spinning out on every corner.
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  4. Me too I like to play on keyboard
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  5. Keyboard no assists. I used to.
    And only played Spa/Monza. In a mclaren, a little off the pace. Always spun out before lap 20.
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  6. That is nice but i cant do without aids you know Traction + Auto shifting .. but a wheel is a different experience ;) mainly due to manual gear shifting etc . Still i play on Legendary + Tyre n Fuel sim On its fun .
  7. I Use only TC assist I can do Manual gearing in Keyboard i love to play with Manual Gearing in Long races specially on tracks like Monaco and Singapore Where lot of Gear changes are required per lap
  8. Hey any tips on manual shifting on keyboard .. what keys do you use for shifting ? its going to be so difficult when combined with using KERS + DRS :)
  9. Well im sticking with auto with TC on.......maybe i will get a wheel 1 day, then i will use manual.
  10. Here is My Layout
    Acceleration/Gas - Up Arrow
    Break - Down Arrow
    Left and Right Directions - Left & Right Arrow
    Gear Up - A
    Gear Down - Z
    KERS - Caps Lock
    DRS- W
    Look Behind - H
    Look Back - B
    Look Left - V
    Look Right - N

    I've used this layout for EA F1 Challenge now KERS and DRS are additional Buttons i need to use
  11. For Getting Manual Gearing right
    All you need to do is Turn on the DRL then use the 1st and 2nd for Red color DRL
    3,4,5 for Yellow and finally 6 , 7 for Green
    Once you get used to Manual you never want to run in Auto
    I didn't have any DRL in EA sports edition i hardly trained to negotiate curves in all tracks then when i got F1 2010 I managed to do it Successfully and Easily
  12. I still use keyboard which makes me a keyboard warrior.
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  13. Wow!
    I don't know guys how you can play with the keyboard...
    I'm really not good with it! :D
  14. You guys are nuts.

    Keyboard? You must have claws for fingers.
  15. i thought you had FFB ISSUES, on a keyboard ?
  16. Well I used to be a Key board player until last month and From then on wards i'm a G27 User
  17. I didn't get you
    Do you want to buy anyone of those?

  18. i was thinking about the Zroso as it looks pretty
  19. But i heard that the Zroso Wheel was not getting Delivered in time