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Any helmet template?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jaireh Pahalla, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. is there any helmet template available for download? i'm planning to make a capeta helmet and persec motorsports (capeta's car) skin for the F2000 maybe. :D

    (for those who doesn't know capeta is an anime featuring a 4th grader boy who was bought by his father a crappy kart and was hooked in karting with very little budget. at some point frame distortions in the kart were fixed through placing a plank of wood above the affected part and jumping or putting one's weight on it. go figure how low-budget this team is :D)

    but anyway i would like to do this:

    but haven't found a helmet template. modifying the stock helmets would be difficult since i don't really understand how each parts go (yet) haha :D so a helmet template would be great :)
  2. wow thanks didn't know this pack existed hehe.. thanks! :)
  3. ok so i started to build the helmet my problem is that how do i view the helmet (or the head of the player) in game? i see that there is this doom mode but it basically means that the driver gets out the car to look around so if im in this mode i could see my head! lol
  4. There's a TV cam, F3 or F4
  5. F11, doom mode?

    Oh wait, then you're not in your car :D.
  6. When in pits there's an option to select your skin. There you can see your car from the outside.. but afaik only from front left.
  7. yes in doom mode im not in the car LOL :D doesn't serve the purpose i want. : )) yes you can only see the front left part in selecting the skin. i couldn't even see the design in the helmet haha.. maybe the tv cam is the best option although not really the best if i want to see the helmet all over.. for the record i think netkar pro is too realistic hahaha
  8. the best bet is to open one of the ingame helmets and use it as a guide to the layout and placement you intend. I've just spent the afternoon painting a helmet and jumping in and out of NKP to view it. It is a bloody annoying process because a replay is the best place to view your handy work and you realize that things are in the wrong place....arrgghh. Spa is a good track to use as the busstop chicane camera gives you a front and left side close up of the helmet. here's a wip from Interlagos.

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  9. hmmm spa.. im going to try that one thanks for the tip.. nice helmet too :)
  10. to be honest i still can't quite understand how the helmet template works (even with the existing helmets) i mean i don't see where do you paint so that it will be seen on one area of the helmet (i.e. the back part) i understand that the black part at the center is the visor part so from here you could easily see the left and right sides of the helmet. but where do you paint the back part? (yes this is my first time painting a helmet :D )
  11. and how about for the top part? :D
  12. im almost done with but the top part isn't perfect (i already saw where the top part of the helmet is in the template) if only there was a way to see what im doing clearly :(
  13. it is trial and error ....loads of error lol, i'm afraid. open the ingame helmet 01 in your program,, then open the ui image of the 3d 01 that is in the folder too. Here, you can see where the sides ,top, and front are. the back is tricky but you can study the two images to compare and work it out. Keep the worked on template as an unmerged psd template and name it something else: my helmet02 etc. this way you can comeback and work on it again and again before saving it as a finished png file.

    ps. I was on track at interlagos and ran off track at turn 4 - where my image is from - I changed the camera to the tv cam (F3) and saw that the car was in close up. I drove towards the camera while still in the tv mode and got an amazing series of close up looks of the car and driver. In the replay, S key is slow mo, D is rewind and F12 is screenshot while F2 scrolls several onboard views, one of which shows the right hand rear of the helmet. Good luck.
  14. ok thanks for the tip :) it's almost done :)