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Any big difference between DFGT and G27?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Sergio Goncalves, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I'm planning to buy some new simracing hardware, but i don't know if i should buy a g27 (wheel and pedals) or just Clubsport pedals...keeping with the DFGT wheel. What you guys think?!
  2. On the outside, G27 has a better quality feel to it, better pedals, H-shifter. I saw some FFB differences being mentioned, but no clue about that.

    If you don't mind the plastic feel of your DFGT, and don't need the shifter, I'd go for the Clubsports.
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  3. Like Senad says, we have a number of members here who use DFGT + CSP's very effectively ;)
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  4. Hmmm. I was a long time DFGT user and while it is a very good wheel I would rather have the G27 with a Nixim brake.

    That said I do love my CSP's :D
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  5. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    If money is an issue, then just get the CSP's. If you have the extra cash, get a wheel from them as well.
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  6. New wheel won´t make you faster. Pedals will.
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  7. true story. i have a DFGT and a G27 @ home and i noticed a diffrence in speed just since i got the CSPs.
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  8. Thanks!
    One last question, CSR Elite pedals isn't a smarter option?Since im going to use a logitech wheel(taking no advantage of ABS)...and the price difference is 50€
  9. Get the CSP's, its worth the extra $50 in build quality, and contactless sensors etc ;)
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  10. Yup i agree with Brian here unless you really really want to run GT-style layout on your pedals.
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