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Another new driver...

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Max Melamed, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Max Melamed

    Max Melamed

    Hello guys,

    My name is Max Melamed, I am 21 years old and from Vienna/Austria

    Since 6 years now I do simracing and every year of racing has been awesome! I mostly participated in endurance races and mostly on the Nordschleife! For example the 24H of explasive last summer where I finished 1st in Group 3 and 8. overall.

    This Winter at my last endurance event I had the luck to get in touch with ATR Management and they took me as a driver. We won the 20h of endurance-simsport in the GT2 class and now they give me the opportunity to race in a FSR cockpit.

    I am looking forward to some great, fair and exciting races this year!

    See you in Melbourne!

    Cheers Max
  2. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

    Welcome Max :)
  3. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues