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Another NetKar Pro noob

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jimmie Wellmon, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. I kept hearing the buzz on NetKar and decided to finally download the demo. Didn't think much of it but for some reason I really had to try that Abarth 500 and it wasn't but $20 bucks american... Wow! This is the sim that I want to be good at. This is the sim that will force me to spend thousands of dollars on a full motion pit. The tracks available for download are awesome (would love to see twin ring motegi). Game (maxed) runs like silk on my mid level machine. FFB is perfect on my Fanatec Turbo S. Very cool how you can screw up and miss shifts... Graphics are more than adequate. Love the dash in the Abarth 500. For me the only bummer is no AI cause I suck too bad to race online!
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  2. Welcome to the netkar world :)

    I wouldn't worry too much about being too bad for racing online. If I can do it, anyone can :p. Best way to learn how to drive is with other people anyway.
    There's an Abarth race next Wednesday, you're more than welcome to join.

    If you're interested in how you'll do against others, there's a ranking website, where you can compare your times: http://www.wagenvoort.net/rank/
  3. Thanks, I'll check those times out
  4. Dont worry about time laps ... just enjoy the driving and have fun with your great Fanatec wheel:)

    The times in that website can be very unrealistic cause many of they were made braking rules like cutting corners without 2 wheels inside white lines ... so my opinion is just to drive and drive until you know the track well .... next wednesday falkenberg track its quite easy to learn and the wet race is going to be lot of fun!

    Welcome to netKar Pro ... im also a Abarth fan and noob so ...;)!
  5. Cool Jorge... fun track... just breaking into the 40's... cant master that first righthander. Times for me are not as important as fun... I know alot of the really fast guys dial down FFB but to me that is unrealistic. If you hit bump strips it should affect your steering to a degree I should think. If you have it dialed down so that there is no effect then you gain time perhaps. Far be it from me to tell someone else how to enjoy their simming experience though. I perfer it pretty much stock but I think it keeps me from being competitive. That and the fact that I suck...
  6. I'm in the same boat as you, not nearly fast enough to compete with fast people, so it's about fun :D. It's just a club race anyway, a fun way to spend an evening racing
  7. Nice! So we are 3 on the same boat!:)