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Misc Andrea_gi graphic mod (Updated + MP compatible ) 1.4

Your AC never looked this good

  1. Boris Lozac submitted a new resource:

    Andrea_gi graphic mod by BL - Your AC never looked this good

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  2. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    I never used a filter-mod or anything. They looked a bit better, but never really were enough, something was missing for me.

    Now i look at this filter and i think: Woah, that does look great indeed.
    I'll give this a try :)
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  3. irSindaco

    Premium Member

    Mmm i got issues with the zip file as well... maybe try with winrar?
  4. Sorry guys, it seems when i renamed a .rar file, i've put a .zip at the end, and that caused problems probably. Uploading correct file in a few hours.
  5. Is an update coming? Or does it work with the latest AC update? :O
  6. Andrea is still tweaking and testing the new filters and weathers since the change with AC update, gonna release an updated version of this mod again with only the best files :)
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  7. I am waiting :D