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An open letter to all members about Belgium-Bombing

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beachamor, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. What the hell is going on with this world? The bombing in Belguim, what are we doing to each other? This is wrong and has to stop.

    I will share informanation with you, my name is Charles, i was born in Norway, and my father was an oil worker, so i have lived in different parts of the world. I had dealt with people of other races. People are, its those minuscule that ruin it for others. Therefore, i think that it is wrong to blame all of the muslim coummity for what these assholes did.

    When I was ten, my father had a job in Trinidad, so basically I grew up there. The school I went to a muslim school and every friday they have their mosque meeting. There were christian students too. But they never imposed it as mandatory that you have to attend. It was your choice, I did attended some of them just for curoisity. They never preached about killing people, i don't know where those morons getting their information from, screaming "Allahuakbar", the name of god while they do this while this not what god wanted. I think he looks down at us with shame, "i created these people,and this the way they going to live there lives."

    I have been living in the USA for 30 yrs. Yeah! I am not a young man, i`m 45 and father to 11 kids. And yes, we thought of starting our own football team. One thing i tought my kids that don't judge people. I guess you all know about the race for presidency. We got a moron from the Republican party and 2 from Democrats. We have these two asshole names Trump and Cruz, saying that we should patrol the muslims, which is not right as every country you go in will find good and bad people from the same community. I think that Miss Clinton has the right idea, as she advocates that we should work together to put an end to this, by not punishing a community for crimes they did not commit.

    These are just my thoughts, if you dont agree with me please post your reply, everybody has a right to have their own opinion.
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  2. The grammar of your speech is to hard for me to read. I take it English is not your native language?
    But I get the gist of your lecture. We actually just need the moderate Muslims to actually stand up against the fundamentalist brain washed terrorists and speak out against them. The trouble is, not many will actually do that.
    Anyway I think you posted this in the wrong place. ;):thumbsup:
  3. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    I think the off topic section suits this very well, even if racedepartment is a site for racing.

    What bothers me more thatn the terrorist attacks are many reactions i read in social media etc. Many, many people seem to be very manipulative, here in germany i get the impression of racism and right wing policy rising again. i heard that in other countrys right-wing parties are also on the rise, thats more depressing than the terror attacks itself, which are terriyfiyng enough tbh
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  4. Hmm, this wasn't in the "off topic" section when I posted mate.;)
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  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    I don't agree with you on this. I think you should watch Al-Jazeera. Also there are highly acclamied religious figures who advacote strongly against terrorism. The most prominent one is Fethullah Gülen whose articles were published in Times and Le Monde. Any moderate true muslim who has a chance to say his piece, speaks strongly against those lower-than-animal disgusting terrorists. What else do you want them to do? Raise up militias and attack ISIS? Also keep in mind that countries whose citizens are mostly muslim are regularly attacked by the suicide bombers too, much more than the Western countries suffer. What terrorists desire is to polarize people to create tensions and attract support from the people pushed out by the mainstream social community, and statements such as yours help on that greatly.

    That is the core of the problem imo. Ignorance is widespread in the under-developed countries. People without a proper education are easily led by some sparking propagandas. It creates a chain reaction. An uneducated person raises uneducated kids in his family by brainwashing them with stupid things especially if those children don't get a proper schooling which is the case in most of the Middle-eastern countries, especially in the rural areas.
  6. As an Atheist I find it all incredible anyway. I just cannot understand why anyone chooses to believe in deities at all. After all, how can you have a university educated scientist who studies evolution but who also believes in written fairy tales. A strange contradiction. But that's my opinion. I was brought up to not believe. I have nothing against those who do believe though, as long as they keep it to themselves and don't preach any of it to me or my kids.
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  7. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Sorry mate, it was when i posted and couldn't see a sign of a movement of the thread. :)
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  8. Andrew

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    My *fault*...;) I have moved it to *Off-Topic*. :)
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  9. The OP @beachamor has been on since I posted earlier. You'd think he wanted to take part in this discussion.:rolleyes:
  10. MoerasGrizzly


    This is incorrect: Muslims stand up to religious extremism all the time - The media simply does not show them as much, just like it glosses over the many terrorist strikes that happen in predominantly Muslim countries.

    Islam is not an organized religion in the way that catholic Christianity is, and the current situation in the middle-east reflects that (It's not the Thirty Years' War just yet, but...). When groups like the Taliban and ISIS advocate for the introduction of complete Sharia law they aren't referring to some written rulebook, but rather their own interpretation of that Sharia law. Compare the differences between how the Taliban rule treat women and how Iran treats women: Both say they are in favour of Sharia law, but one group allows women to go to university (Which is also giving rise to quite a big feminism movement there) and the other group destroys schools.

    The kicker is that, say, Daesh (to use the word that offends ISIS so much) does not only view the 'western crusaders' as their opponents, but also just everyone who does not agree with them. The muslims in Europe are enemies of Daesh as they (are trying to) live together with the europeans and thus collaborators. The refugees fleeing Syria are rejecting their rule and therefore enemies to 'all of Islam', as Daesh views themselves as the arbiter of everything that is right and true in the world. Daesh views any muslim that is critical of their murderous ways as a legitimate target and everyone who is outside their own borders is a legitimate target for bombings (anyone inside their borders is a legitimate target for execution). The notion that moderate muslims are not opposed to a force that has made it their objective to murder them is at best insultingly ignorant, and at worst an attempt to frame all muslims as leaning towards the violent extremism that Daesh proposes.
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