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AMS Problems With Wheel Rotation and Admin Rights, Maybe?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Wesley Soares, Oct 26, 2016.

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    Bom dia, tarde e noite. Venho tendo um problema. A rotação do meu volante não combina com a do simulador. Eu uso G27 no windows 10. Tudo estava normal e então o problema apareceu de repente. Além disso, as vezes o simulador fecha assim que abre o carro e vou usar o volante. Já reinstalei duas vezes por completo.

    Good morning, afternoon and evening. I have had a problem. The rotation of my steering wheel does not match the simulator. I use G27 in Windows 10. Everything was normal, then the problem appeared suddenly. In addition, sometimes the simulator closes soon as you open the car and I use the steering wheel. Already I reinstalled twice completely.
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    Try reinstalling the Logitech drivers: I use thrustmaster gear now, but from my time with Logitech, I seem to remember that the Logitech drivers sometimes cause problems with Win 10. Deinstall the drivers you have installed now, reboot and then install the newest drivers from Logitech, and see if that helps. Good luck with the problem :)
  3. Thanks! I'll try reinstall. I did this before twice, but after deinstall drivers i do not reboot my PC. Thanks for remind me!
  4. I have the same problem, and I haven't been able to find a way to solve it. If you find one, please write down. Thanks!

    One additional (maybe relevant) info: I have the beta too, and this function works good in that. I haven't defined a profile in logitech profiler for the beta yet, this could be the only real difference.

    (Tech info: In AMS Profile, I've enabled the option to allow the game to modify these values, I run AMS and Logitech Profiler without admin rights).
  5. Sure, Joex22, if i solve my problem i'll glad to come here and share with u what i did. One problem is admin rights. Run AMS without admin rights ( go to AMS directory, find AMS.exe, right click on it, check Run as Admin ), cause crash on my AMS. The sim just close without any error or something. when i run as admin i can load full menus and load tracks and cars, but wheel rotation dont match. I'll keep searching for solve this problem soon as possible and as soon i figure it out i'll reply this post.
  6. I have the wheel rotation problem after a Win 10 update, too. Reinstalling the Logitech drivers works for me.
    I have no advice for the game closing.
  7. :( I tried with new logitec drivers, but problem persists.. :(
  8. I have a Thrustmasters T300 Wheel and the Same Problems after the last two small AMS Update after the big 1.1 Update.
    AMS Beta works perfect.
    I have the Problem posted Sunday in the Reiza Forum but still no answer.
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  9. I'm very very frustrating about this issue. I was preparing for a league here in Brazil and now i cant join championship with this problem... sad but true.
  10. My DFGT have issues too. I now its a shame and very anoying, but always can set specific degrees on the Logitech Profiler for each car, works like in rFactor 1. I hope Reiza can fix this.
  11. I found the solution to the wheel rotation problem. The problem is in Logitech drivers ( in case you are using G27 ). Just deinstall drivers and delete folders on c:\. Windows+R and type Regedit. Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then SOFTWARE. Now, look for Logitech and delete this folder. This is will REALLY reset software after new installation. Reboot your computer. Now, install drivers for Logitech G27. Reboot PC again to make sure. now. Erase your old User on AMS. Close AMS ( This is not truly necessary, but i did because mine is crashing every load. ) Create new user ( without running as admin, just run through Steam app. ) Setup your settings as you wish and close AMS again. Next time you run AMS your wheel will work properly.
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  12. I've also managed to solve my problem, which has been caused by a different problem.
    In the Controller menu in AMS, there is an option to give custom steering wheel range. Since it automatically detected 270 degrees for my Logitech G25 wheel, I've set a custom value (to 900 degrees), which remained no matter what in the garage menu has been set for the specific car. I've turned off the custom degrees (the value still remained 270), but it's working like a charm right now up to 900 degrees (depending on the settings for the specified car).
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