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AMS a flop?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Steve Bird, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium Member

    I've just found an interesting article HERE which suggests that AMS has been a flop. I personally think AMS is a marked improvement over GSCE but the author says that Patrick is it's saviour. However, isn't it the modding community that makes titles like this so fantastic due to the breadth of content added by our community?
  2. AMS is advertising for Reiza 2017.....
  3. Not this idiot again. (I mean the pretend journalist, not the OP)
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  4. Posting PRC articles should be forbidden in serious sim forums
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  5. The guy is amazing. He really is a masterful hack. None better in the sim racing community.

    He first poses a totally BS goal for Reiza with AMS then proceeds to knock his strawman down. He includes many fantastically misleading screenshots.

    Then he actually suggest Patrick is going to save AMS by releasing tracks that were already available to SCE....

    This is pretty much the result of a person with a blog, access to google, and no actual informed reference point. Masterful click bait though. Truly impressive. He might not actually believe this stuff and just do it for the traffic. Newspapers were dong this long before the 20th century.

    Wow... and even at the end he defames Reiza by suggesting they're using Patrick as a way to get around licensing loopholes. Eff this guy.
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  6. ouvert

    Premium Member

    you need to read that web with certain amount of reservations and even humor .. and staying away from nonsense discussions full of spamming tards over there :) ... not saying he is not right sometimes but most of the time facts are used it the way to support his tabloid articles while not really providing usefull informations or giving you all informations to make objective opinion about matter ..
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
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  7. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium Member

    Its the first time I've ever visited that site so wasn't aware of what the RD community thought of it. Sorry guys.
  8. xnorb

    Premium Member

    It's nonsense that GT3 and a complete lineup of F1 tracks would bring AMS' playercount to the levels where AC and pCars are.

    When you start a racing sim discussion in a general gaming forum you will hear about AC, pCars, Grid and maybe Dirt Rally. rF2, AMS, L4S, RBR.... you will barely see mentioned.

    Reason? Graphics and marketing.
    I think AMS has already reached a high enough level of graphical fidelity. Just gras and in-car textures need some more love and of course cockpit shadows are urgently required. Adding "cinematic" effects to the cockpit view might be cool for videos but would alienate the simracers who prefer authenticity.

    Marketingwise i have seen much better from other games. It's of course a question of money, but in the end if you decide to stick with simracing rather than making a driving game you have to deal with the niche market playerbase.
    In the end a big part is on us. Do you suggest AMS to everybody? Do you post about updates/news in your gaming forums/blogs/whatever? Do you upload good looking AMS videos? Do you stream your races? Do you join empty or low populated AMS servers to motivate others to join you and help AMS to grow a healthy MP scene?

    We can do lots of marketing for Reiza and AMS.
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  9. fortyfivekev

    Premium Member

    I think modders (even ones working as hard as Patrick) can only extend the life of an already good sim. If a sim is bad in the first place then no amount of mods will save it.

    Reiza have done a great job with AMS but it is still a niche South American title that really only people with good taste like some of us here will appreciate. In my mind AMS is a stepping stone to keep some money coming in for Reiza until their new sim which I hope will have a bit more global appeal.
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  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  11. Yep. Many sim racers are understimating the power graphics has on people now.
    Put the P Cars graphic engine in rF2 and you'll get a ton of people back there and many new users.
    Just imagine this pic on that graphic level

    Not only that, P Cars on medium settings looks far better than rF2 on full.
    I drive rF2 and AMS without caring much about how it looks, but if a photo graphic engine brings more people just go for it. It's good for everyone (especially online racers). I hope Reiza is going for something like UE 4 in their next sim
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  12. I tend to avoid clicking on any links associated with PRC, as it usually pegs my rage meter.

    I started sim racing with ISI titles, gave up the hobby for a year or so (don't ask :sick:), and came back into it with Assetto Corsa. Graphically, the game is fantastic (still not to the caliber of Gran Turismo/Forza/Project Cars). However, I feel it does not compare to the (old, yet great) ISI engine. The options and degree of realism are what keep me interested.

    My two cents...;)
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  13. +1
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  14. It's okay, it's an easy mistake to make. The first time I read stuff on PRC, I also thought it was a serious website. Folks over there just like to stir the pot. I check it every now and then just to get a chuckle, but anything you read there should be taken with a *huge* grain of salt.

    Anyone who skips the first party content in Automobilista is seriously missing out. What Reiza have done with the gMotor 2 engine is incredible, bringing features like advanced tire modeling/flat spotting that many other sims still lack. The dynamic road feature may not be quite as advanced as gMotor 2.5 or iRacing, but it's definitely making a noticeable difference. The level of detail in the FFB at 360 Hz is amazing too. Being able to feel each bump on the curbing in real time (not added "canned" effects) is a testament to the detail in the tracks and the attention given to each car. The pit stops are awesome and I even stopped playing GRID Autosport once I got SCE because having to manage fuel and tires is so much a part of the experience now that any sim that lacks it (and yes, I know that calling GRID Autosport a sim is quite a stretch) just doesn't get my attention anymore.

    I recently bought rFactor 2 since the modding community is so active for it and many people seem to imply that it has better graphics and physics than anything based on rFactor 1. There are certainly technologies and features that would be nice to have in AMS, but for the most part I see that the two sims have very different goals. Automobilista is full-featured, ready-to-go, cohesive content package that feels polished and "ready for retail". I open up Automobilista and I have my choice of different cars and tracks, enough for a fully fleshed-out championship in my discipline of choice. When I open rFactor 2, it's evident that what you're buying is a framework, the sim engine is there, the interface is serviceable, and the content is just enough to whet your appetite for what's possible with rFactor 2, but none of it feels cohesive. All of the content in rFactor 2 is "just good enough" but it's not a fully polished retail experience - it looks and feels very much like what it is: first party content mixed with approved third party content (from a couple different third parties) made over the past 7 years with the older content never receiving substantial updates. The older content looks and feels older, and that's okay. You *can* play with just the provided content in rFactor 2, but you'd be missing out.

    From that point of view, Automobilista is a complete package as it is. You *can* play with just third party mods, but you'd most definitely be missing out.
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  15. Some people should just keep "...braking in the last corner..." :p!
  16. I'm new to automobilista/GSCE and it's definitely the F1 cars that make this title exciting for me. From my point of view, adding some interesting European and American tracks, as well as GT3s, will make it almost untouchable.
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  17. mister dog

    mister dog
    Premium Member

    It's the sim racing equivalent of the Daily Mail. I admit at checking it out still when i'm bored, mostly for the drama factor :geek:

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  18. Same goes for forums. Always a great read. :-p
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  19. Its like a Dunning-Kruger convention up in that joint.
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  20. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium Member

    Should we all team up and crash this kid on the last corner on the last lap?

    What a %#^^##% D#%^KH42D