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Featured American Truck Simulator Arizona DLC released

Discussion in 'American Truck Simulator' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    ATS Arizona.jpg
    The much anticipated Arizona DLC for American Truck Simulator has been released at no additional cost for owners of the US focused truck driving game.

    As promised by ATS development studio SCS Software, the Arizona DLC comes free of charge with the latest game update. Owners of the older European Simulator 2 title also receive a new update and the advanced coupling feature makes its debut in both games.

    ATS Arizona 1.jpg

    • Improved external jobs support in game (direct control, freight market).
    • Physically simulated truck and trailer coupling (option).
    • [ATS only] Added external jobs.
    • [ATS only] Arizona DLC.
    • Blinker auto off can be disabled (option).
    • Speeding highlight can be disabled (option).
    • [ETS2 only] Cabin accessory physics does not require DLC anymore.
    • Torque converter simulation greatly improved.
    • Automatic transmission behavior improved.
    • XInput support added - custom support for XBox controller.
    • Added UI support for 4th and 5th controller.
    • Gear shift selectors (range, split) now have UI support for position-based switches.
    • [ETS2 only] Scania trucks reworked.
    • [ATS only] New accessories added to 579 and T680 (bullbars, deflectors, sideflares, etc).
    • [ATS only] Default air horn added to all trucks (attribute air_horn in sound accessory).
    • [ATS only] New engine sound of W900 (air intake).
    • [ATS only] Interior sounds of all trucks rebalanced.
    • [ATS only] US specific engine data.
    • [ATS only] Added new road from San Rafael to Eureka + new city Ukiah on this road
    • [ETS2 only] Unit name fixes, most interior accessory and some other mods need update.
    • Damage params moved out from game_data.sii and some more added (including wear and part damage factors).
    • Data driven engines (torque curve, rpm limits).
    • Force feedback data for XInput added (force_feedback.sii).
    • Torque converter physics data added, separated manual clutch data (physics.sii).
    • Data change from driven wheel to driven axle.
    • Added check for internal camera continuity.

    Arizona release video:

    ATS Arizona 2.jpg

    Check out our RaceDepartment American Truck Simulator community for mods, discussions and of course all the latest news on this title.

    Have you tried the new DLC? Found the hidden racetrack yet? What do you think of the update? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Just got ATS earlier than expected and made some trips Arizona for a few jobs on the 1.3 Beta. I'm liking it. As much as I like ETS2, I'll pick anything else than drive over the same Autobahn roads in the vanilla map one more time. (I can't download Promods yet as they haven't made a 1.24 compatible version as of now)

    I can't wait to see the French expansion though.
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  3. fortyfivekev


    Took a few jobs last night in Arizona, looks great. About the only thing that frustrates me about ATS is that modders still need to update for new versions. Even what should be simple mods like getting proper gas station and store names. They really should have fixed the modding system for ATS but other than that I'm really happy.
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  4. I'm enjoying the Arizona map also. I agree that it would be nice if the mods were made compatible with the latest version of the game.
    I can't wait for more states to be offered, even though they won't be free.
  5. They should make some kind of DLC pass for the states if they're gonna recreate the remaining 47 states if it won't be free then.
    (not sure if Hawaii will ever be included, but it would be a good throwback to Test Drive Unlimited for me)
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2016
  6. I played ETS/ETS2 and i enjoyed them for a while, but i always wanted more. When i say more i mean more realistic stuff that happens that can mess with your times. Like heavy traffic where you have to check your GPS and find a route to get you to your destination faster so you dont arrive too late. Or a crash incident where police/paramedics block off a street and again you have to check alternative routes to get to your desintation in time.

    They really made a great game. It looks amazing and it drives beautifully, but i would like more challenge to keep me interested. And it shouldnt be forced upon those who love to just cruise around, but alternative jobs that has much tighter schedule with more pay, harder pick up/drop off like picking up cargo from a boat dock where lots of stuff is in the way like other cargo/cars so you get more of a challenge and not always the same easy pick up - lots of time to get to the destination - easy drop off, and then on to the next. When you have tons of cash and full garage with drivers i find no enjoyment after that.

    Maybe they have introduced a bit more on that side? ATS and Arizona looks fantastic tho and i might get it. :)
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  7. I drive from A-B, for the greatest profit, I put the radio on ( my own channels) and just drive as fast as I can, swearing at the suicidal Ai along the way, look around @ anything interesting (head tracker) and just chill enjoying the journey :)
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  8. Great DLC. Arizona is splendid. SCS make very good job. But now need another states :D
  9. fortyfivekev


    Agree that more real-life "events" would be great, something modders could maybe do?
    Multi-drop would be nice as well where you could plan the route between the drops yourself. Also the in-game GPS could use some work as it always seems to take the shortest route even if that involves a bunch of extra turns which would actually be slower in real life.
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  10. Yeah, it's always done that, even in ETS2. I always accept the job, pick up the load then manually adjust the GPS route, to the real quickest, most straight forward route :)
  11. Indeed multi drops sounds fun. Something where its not all automatic and breezey. Where, like WardogZ said, you plan more yourself to be able to make it in time. I never had any problems making it in time, ever (ETS/ETS2). Throw in some events that can shut down a road and you have a much funnier time imo. But again, i wouldnt want to impose it on those who just wanna cruise. Multi jobs, harder pick ups/drop off jobs could all be choices with more money in return and the normal jobs are still there. With the game looking absolutely gorgeous and everything is more or less in place i think building up a little towards this would be a good move cause i think even more people that stopped playing would start again. I know i would, and its not much i ask for - its pretty simple stuff. :)

    Still i might get it. Maybe modders can or have done something like that.
  12. Bazooka_Joe

    Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst. Premium

    I know it's more for ETS2 than ATS, but I'd love to see the option for more geographically based weather - so cold north with more rain/clouds, hot south with VERY little rain. Also a plain fog with no rain would be nice as additional weather condition, especially in the mornings. Fog should be an easy addition as it's already a part of the rain weather.