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AMD Radeon HD 6770

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by alarmtech75, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Anybody running an AMD Radeon HD 6770 for iracing??? If so, how's it perform? Got a computer offered to me that has one and need to know if it will work ok. Thanks in advance guys.

  2. I have a 5770, and it works great for iRacing. If AMD hasn't completely ruined their naming system, your card should be similar to a bit better, so...
  3. I came to make a post asking what other members thought of the 5770 as I found this deal and thought it looked very good. I see by coincidence Brian has said they work well with iRacing, so would expect the Race Series to be ok with it and since Dirt 2 comes bundled that should be ok too - any advice from those more knowledgeable than me would always be welcome. So what do you all think? Would it be worth me getting one?


    I don't know a lot but don't always assume that a higher number means better, for example (I think I'm right here) a 6550 would NOT be as good as a 5770, a 5870 would be better than both, and a 6770 would be close to the 5870, but may not be as good - but read, read, read and ask advice before buying - I don't know about anyone else but the numbering systems a totally confusing!

    If my statements about the 6770, 6550, 5770 and 5870 are wrong can someone please post correcting me asap as I would hate to add to the confusion over these numbering systems.
  4. Yep, that's where I'm at. I don't know what is better than what. I don't understand all the numbers. Just need to know how that card would perform with iracing. I'm so confused at all the different ones.
  5. Your answer is that it will work beautifully.
  6. Thank you!!
  7. I have the ATi 4870 with my system and it runs iRacing perfectly at full detail, so the 6770 will kick arse!!!
  8. Douglas Aird

    Douglas Aird

    I've been using a 5770 for 18 months with no problems in any games. Race series, rfactor, Dirt 2, Battlefield Bad Company are all games where it will run comfortably at 1680x1050 (native resolution for my monitor). Only game where I have to watch the detail level a bit is F1 2010. So if you're not planning run a multi-monitor setup or a big monitor with a really high resolution then the 5770 will be fine.

    I recently added a second identical card for a Crossfire setup as I'd always fancied trying it and the retailers were starting to delist the model I have. The one you're looking at seems good value. This is the one I have - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00303FRAM/ref=oss_product

    Tomshardware site is good for comparison charts - here's one of some the Sapphire range on a representative game -


    Looks like the 5770 is a good bit faster than the 6670!
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I hope to be iracing in a few weeks!!! Can't wait!!
  10. Careful Philip - a 4870 is a wicked card with great specs, again I might be wrong here, so DO NOT go out and spend money on my say so without researching first but from my recent reading it would appear :

    The first digit is the Series (we all already know this of course)
    The next three are the card.

    A 4870 is therefore a 4 series 870
    A 6770 is therefore a 6 series 770 - which would appear to make it a lesser card than a 870 in terms of speed and processing power.
    A 5770 is therefore a 5 series 770 - as above.

    However - the later series cards tend to have support for later versions of Direct X, I may be wrong but I think the 4 series doesn't support DX11, but the 5 and 6 series do.

    Its still a confusing minefield and you do need to compare specs, I have installed a 5770 this week from DABS based on my tight budget and the free downloads (which haven't arrived but after much tooing and froing customer services say they are sending them).


    The 5770 (1gb) runs Race On really well, with only the occasional stutter, although I've not used it enough to be 100% sure yet. Thats all maxed/very far at 1920x1080.

    I do think that a 4870 (1gb) would run it better, but with second hand values (no warranty) being around the £50-£70 mark on Ebay including postage, the 5770 having the free games AND using less power (less heat in my case), I decided to play it safe and go for the new one.

    Of course if my Lottery Numbers come up on Saturday I shall be giving my PC away on here and going out to spend an obscene amount of money on some obscenely nice kit, after I visit the Travel Agents and book a Month in the sun! - I can only dream and live in hope...
  11. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    You would think that the 5770 and the 6770 would be slightly lesser cards, and you may be right, but due to the fact that the technology is different in each you are comparing apples to oranges really. Research is always best to be sure you are getting what you want, and I would start that research at tomshardware.com. Look for articles talking about best bang for the buck and find the most recent to see how things stack up. There is usually a chart that lists the performance from top to bottom and the general rule is that unless you are getting a card at least 3 tiers above where yours is listed, don't spend the cash.

    That being said I wouldn't really hesitate to get a 6770 to replace a 4870 unless I knew for sure that I could get hold of a second to add to my system in crossfire.
  12. 5770 and 6770 are EXACTLY the same card, both use the same hardware, just a different firmware with a different name and more advanced HDMI support (directed towards 3d displays),

    the 4870 is an older card, BUT the 3d performance is quite similar, the bigger difference is that the 5770/6770 uses a lot less power, generate less heat, it's smaller, supports DX11 (which is quite useless) and supports more than 2 screens...

    the 5770/6770 is quite a nice card, but today perhaps a 6850 is a nicer buy (depending where you live),
    but there are some cheap GTX 460 that are VERY interesting for the money, although I had some negative experience with NV cards and rfactor/race07 (with a 9600 and 8600GT), I use the Radeon 5750 now.

    but a 5770/6770 should be good enough for Iracing, for a single screen and 1080p and lower res I think,

    but it's hard to beat the price/performance of the GTX 460 when it costs something like this:

    (the SE version is slower, but still faster than the 6770 and the GTX 550 ti)
  13. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Henry, the GTX 460 SE performs almost identical to the 6770 and the GTX 550 Ti. I use a slightly lesser card and am able to run Race 07 with full everything with no issues at 1680X1050. If you pick up any one of these cards you should be able to have all the graphics you want on a single monitor as long as your CPU can handle it as well.

    Take a look at http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-graphics-card-game-performance-radeon-hd-6670,2935-7.html and you will see how each card stacks up. Top of the list is the highest performers and the list is seperated with nVidia on the left and ATI on the right.

    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-graphics-card-game-performance-radeon-hd-6670,2935-3.html shows what they believe is the best bang for the buck for the cards mentioned. Notice that the nVidia card they are talking about on that page is the regular GTX 460 not the SE version.
  14. I'm using a 5770 card for iRacing and Race with 3 24" monitors running 5760x1080 and have no problems with either game. I am running a very fast system i5-2500k overclocked to 4.75 GHz and memory running @ 2200 MHz. I was worried the 5770 wasn't going to be able to cut it running eyefinity at that resolution, but it's doing fine. All of the options on and frame rates constantly at/above 84 in iRacing.
  15. availability of the 460 SE is quite low, so that's probably why they are not considering it, but at the price amazon is selling (139, and 109 after rebate) it's a great deal, and while it's not that much faster than a 5770 it's still a faster card, in some cases by a good margin