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AMD Radeon Crimson 16.9.1 drivers

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Chili P, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Chili P

    Chili P
    Premium Member

    Hi, I have just updated to this set of drivers after reading up on them, I don't normally update drivers this soon after their release but after reading up on the initial reports I decided to give them a go.
    I can conservatively say that I am getting at least a 5 fps increase across the board with F1 1016, I have had no issues with these drivers but it is early days yet and a minimum of a 5 fps increase for free is not something to be missed.

    The graphics card I am using is a R9 290, one chap on a forum I frequent is reporting a 10 fps gain using a 380x card on F1 and a smoother running game "smooth as butter".
    I had no problems with stuttering/flickering before updating to these drivers, however I would have to say that the game does indeed feel somewhat smoother.

    This looks like the best driver update from AMD in quite a while. It would be interesting to see other AMD graphics card user results, I should also add that fps improvements are being seen regardless of the Cpu manufacturer.
  2. Thanks for the notice. I hadn't seen there were new drivers out. I have a Sapphire Rx 480 and I get about 30FPS on triples in Ultra. So I'll report back once I have the new drivers in place.
  3. Chili P

    Chili P
    Premium Member

    not sure they have such a big effect on 480s as Amd resolved some of the issues with their latest hardware, sure I read something in here :- http://www.overclock.net/t/1610954/amd-radeon-crimson-16-9-1-8th-sep-2016 or in one of the links.
    worth a try though anyway.
  4. There's a couple of FPS betterment. The Benchmark mode shows 39/33/47 which is up a little. I think there's a little bit of a fan change, the fan is running at a higher speed than before. I want to use Sapphire's log tool to gather some information related to the stutters I see in-game. I had them on my R9 380, also. I've tried to just run the benchmark to gather stutter log info, but it never seems as drastic as when I'm driving and the logs get recorded every second, so it misses the really short stutters that happen during benchmark runs. I think I've seen it drop CPU and memory usage down to 0%, but I can't confirm that yet. There are some things in the logs that are interesting. There's an entry for "Memory Usage (Dedicated) MB" that never goes higher than about 4GB (the 480 has 8GB). And there's an entry for "Memory Usage (Dynamic) MB" that tops out at about 164. There's a "GPU only Power Draw W" that shows a draw of up to 200 (my psu is an advertised 750).
  5. Chili P

    Chili P
    Premium Member

    Well at least your getting a couple of extra fps, Ive never monitored my cpu/gpu usage, I use HWinfo64 for my monitoring needs, usually I just use it for temps/clocks and voltages but I believe that it can also produce quite informative and customizable log reports for cpu/gpu usage amongst other things, although that side of it looks to take a bit of setting up, if you dont use it give it a try it might help to pinpoint the cause of the stutters.
    I have never had any kind of stuttering, at least none that my old eyes can detect. Im on a single monitor running 1440p, benchmark mode gives me 76/63/86 with my settings but if I stick it on ultra I get similar to you 45/36/53.
    If I do a quick race the fps goes up a bit, probably due to less cars on screen with me being stuck at the back.
    Overall Im happy with these new drivers so far.
  6. It's interesting that you don't get stuttering. You would notice it. It's not a micro-stutter. Imagine your car stopping dead, no sound for around two to three seconds and then it snaps back to life and you're several hundred feet down the track. For some people, it's a showstopper/gamebreaker..
  7. Definite stutter for me with this driver on F1 2016 and also Automobilista. Re-installed 16.8.3 and issue resolved
    MSI R9 290X 8GB o/c + FX8350 @4.5 Ghz
  8. I had the stutter with an R9 380 before I replaced it with an RX 480. I had the stutter on the previous driver, also. The only other racing games I do are Racecraft to keep track of their development and Race Factor 2 and there's no stutter in either of those. But then RF2 is DX9.
  9. Chili P

    Chili P
    Premium Member

    Sheesh, I must be one of the lucky ones I get no stutter at all and Im on a similar set up to you, 290 Trixx 4GB and a 8370e @4.8Ghz, 16gb ram, OS is win10 64 on a small ssd and games are on a hybrid 1TB Hd/ssd hybrid thinggy.
    Which windows are you guys on?

    I run a few games like F1 2016, rfactor 2, Dirt and some FO4 all with absolutely no stuttering, I do have a media player installed (Arcsoft Totalmedia) and this is the only thing that ever stutters occasionally.

    hope you guys find a cure but these new drivers are great for me and save me from having to do this,
    http://www.3dmark.com/fs/6332392 this was on win7 and the older drivers, these new ones save me having to crank it up till it squeals :D
  10. I'm using Windows 10. The stuttering was by no means game breaking for a normal person but I'm a bit OCD with micro stutters and I had to remove it from my life lol
  11. I had stutter with Automobilista also which is DX9. Nothing major but when your are used to a game performing a certain way visually wise it was immediately noticeable to me.