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Amateur motorsport in Holland

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Remigiusz Zetkowski, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. AFAIK, there are a few Dutch drivers at RD so maybe someone will be able to help me :) I would like to enter amateur motorsport (probably rally, it's cheaper I think) but I have no idea, where to look for any information (I know about KNAF, but with little help from translator I was not able to find anything interesting...). In Poland there are very cheap rallies for amateurs where you can use your everyday-use car, the only requirement is a helmet:

    Does anyone have any tips, advice?
  2. In belgium we have something called autocross. Basicly its a bunch of amateurs plowing trough a field with a stripped down roadcar. They have few rules considering the car the main ones are that u must wear a helmey and that there must be some form of rollover protection ( mostly a woodrn beam from floor to roof is sufficient). U might check this link. http://www.autocrossnederland.nl/

    I think this is the cheapest way into amateur racing.
  3. If u want i can translate some off the site and some info for you in english. But cant do it on my phone so u might have to wait till tommorow.
  4. I forgot to add that I've heard about autocross from my friend, but I'm looking more into driving on tarmac than completely on a field :) I don't want to believe that there are no basic level rallies for beginners.
  5. Here's how we Autocross across the pond.

  6. @Gary Horneck Something like would be perfect, but in Netherlands autocross looks like this: