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Am I missing something? (Need help with Graphics)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Greg Latty, May 7, 2015.

  1. I have almost everything cranked up and it looks nowhere as good as videos Ive seen on youtube. Am I doing something wrong? I dont know how to describe it. Im running a gtx 780. Anyone have any suggestions. Maybe I was just expecting too much? It looks a little cartoony.
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  2. Interesting, I have a GTX 670 running on high, some options on medium, motion blur off (Why blur the awesome graphics?).
    Graphics looks great.

    Maybe you could record a short video with shadowplay and upload to youtube?

    I just hope my new graphics card arrives soon so I can crank up everything to max :)
  3. I kind of got it looking better. I was doing my testing at Laguna seca at 1700 so everything was a little bright. I turned down the exposure compensation a bit and that helped a little. The biggest difference for me was bumping up the resolution with Nvidia DSR. Im going to fiddle with it a bit.
  4. Im on a GTX660 and it looks great. I'm sure it could look even better with a better card, but I'm afraid mine is maxed out.
    I do keep getting strange colors and flashes of stray polygons at times though... Not sure if it's buggy game or my card going bad...
    All in all though, I LOVED my first few hours in this game.
    The weather and light effects really bring you into the car.
    I highly recommend doing a quick solo race with tons of crazy weather scripted in. It was really fun to see it all.
  5. xnorb


    I'd suggest uploading a screenshot to imgur, so people can guide you.