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Cars Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen" 2.9

VLN "Special" build for the Nordschleife

  1. AccAkut


    AccAkut submitted a new resource:

    Alzen 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen" - VLN "Special" build for the Nordschleife

    Incase anyone wonders what happened between the "Beta" release last year and this release ...this is the Beta test changlog:
    V2.7 (post forum meltdown 17.06.16 - well hello RaceDepartement)
    - finally fixed draw order bug the cars had from day 1
    - redone interior mesh (focus on rear compartement)
    - adjusted cage to new interior (only on LOD0)
    - new or newly compressed interior textures
    - reworked interior shaders
    - DIP/texture reduction for outside mesh
    - FMod reworked by Fonsecker (new engine_int samples, transmission, tons more)
    - new low res seat for COCKPIT_LR
    - physics overhaul/fixing by dauntless
    - both cars all glass new UV map, new textures, reworked Shaders. Added black window frames
    - interior mesh fixed/gaps and holes closed
    - fix for PS.Speicher skin
    - physics packed
    - font file renamed
    - reworked dashboard mesh (less tris, smoothed edges, untangled Normals)
    - reworked dashboard shaders (more plastic-y as per the original)
    - AWD physics as per 1.6 patch (AWD2 rear biased split) No more Turbo Civic mode
    - adjusted FMod (new TC int, volumes of stuff) only on AWD so far
    - slight fuel adjustements (AWD version should now do 6 full laps plus 1 parade lap, as per the real car)
    - smoothed Recaro seat mesh, mostly upper part. New textures for it too
    - refined steering wheel buttons
    - new mirror mesh and map
    - AI adjustments
    - redone MAP texture for main body and rear wing
    - Shader adjustments
    - new DISC Empty integrated in all four kn5s (for pit stop animation)
    - V7 tires based on M3 GT2 tire data (no GT3 tires available yet in '03 - '05)
    - new 1.5 exhaust flames
    - new 1.5 skin previews
    - adjusted FMod (ext. turbo, ground scrape etc.)
    - basically total remake of front interior mesh (no more holes)
    - added low-tris cage to lowres Interior (8000 -> 500 tris)
    - adjusted interior Shaders
    - adjusted Fmod build (new set of GUIDs, internal Fmod assignments, less size)
    V2.1 StillNoRC
    - fixed holes in '03 model
    - fixed shifter mesh on both models
    - fixed rim_blur mesh
    - revised stear_assist
    - adjusted AI
    - adjusted Fmod build (other mode of automation on engine tremolo, reworked engine samples etc)
    V2.0 NoRC
    - new rim mesh!
    - new lights.ini
    - Shader updates, some textures redone
    - adjusted TC settings for AWD version
    - split skins between RWD and AWD
    - added PS.Speicher skin to AWD
    - added rim skins to all skins
    - new Fmod build
    - seatbelt finally does its job
    - fixed UV on 03 model
    - made V5 tires into V6 (added that one parameter)
    - new AO and standard texture for rims. Added metal_details to rims. Then deleted metal_details from rims... (interfered with rim_blur)
    V1.3 RCC
    - split into RWD and AWD version. Unique physics for both (not just AWD and RWD)
    - fix of roof mesh
    - modification of roof scoop and deletion of dive planes on '03 version. Same UV layout applies (skins should be interchangeable)
    - new 40k LOD models for both versions
    - Motul skin set in colours of the rainbow
    - yet another set of physics, reworked by a certain finnish guy
    V1.2.2 RC
    - atlasing of Stackdash (5 textures into 1)
    - atlasing of front details, plus addition of hood pins and air jack (another 5 textures into 1)
    - new limiter functionality
    - fixed brake rotors on blur rim
    - new seat shaders
    - new set of physics, reworked by a certain finnish guy
    V1.2.1 RC
    - little filling of the interior's emptyness (extinguisher, corresponding lines, battery box, ECU, trusty 3310 to call back to pits)
    - atlasing of interior detail textures (too many into 2)
    - fixed few mesh errors
    - changed ABS and TC settings
    V1.2 RC
    - all of dauntless' physics changes (tested in the far north), V5 tires
    - new rim meshes (new UV and blur changeover)
    - again adjusted LOD_B
    - mesh fixes (cockpit, louvres)
    - rear light textures, front light emissions
    - MAP texture (base and for all stock skins (simplified)
    - AI (still up for debate)
    - repaired soundbank
    V1.1 RC
    - mesh changes for inner doorcards, brakes, hubs, chassis, lights, exhaust
    - new LR cockpit
    - added watermark to mesh
    - numerous texture updates (reduced draw calls)
    - tire blur and dirt added
    V1.0 RC (AccAkut, Sep 20, 2015 Report)
    - fixed LOD flickering
    - added brake glow effect
    - enhanced soundbank (including V1.2 changes, new blowoff tracks and so on)
    - unique GUIDs for soundbank (no interfering with other mods anymore)
    - tires updated to incorporate V1.2 tire data
    - good cleanup of car's UI
    - F6 cameras added
    - 9 additional skins added
    Read more about this resource...
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  2. AccAkut


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  3. Chris Kennedy

    Chris Kennedy

    Awesome mod, top quality all around!

    Couple of things i noticed:

    "VLN" and "24hr" tags are a bit unnecessary, dont think any other car has those tags.
    the awd version has "rwd" tag

    suspension damage doesnt seem to be implemented? i had some big crashes (awd version) and didnt get any. Think its fairly easy to add. Hope to see the dirt and visual damage one day too, can make screenshots/videos a lot more interesting!

    cheers to all involved, great project, a must have mod for sure

    edit: oh and if the car is competitive with any of the official cars, you can copy the same #tag from that car to yours so that they will automatically appear as a group when making a quick race

    edit 2: the 3310 and map are nice details id have never spotted on monitor!
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
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  4. Gui Cramer

    Gui Cramer

    I was wondering if it's possible to edit the Limit light to have some depth to it instead of the flat red circle that pops up? It's a small thing but it really jumps out. Thanks for the work :).
  5. AccAkut


    I haven't found a way to do this yet
  6. Gui Cramer

    Gui Cramer

    No biggie, thanks for researching it!
  7. AccAkut



    getting dirty
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  8. AccAkut


    AccAkut updated Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen" with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  9. garyjpaterson


    Not much to add other than its a lot of fun - so thanks very much!

    And you know what, it doesn't look at that bad really.


    Also, is the AWD working as intended? I really have no idea about how its supposed to work, but from what I can tell in most cases the front wheels seem to never have a positive Slip Ratio, suggesting they are never getting any power.

    Its fun regardless - can't wait for the Audi now! :thumbsup:
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  10. AccAkut


    Front wheels get 20% torque maximum when slip appears on the rear axle, sorta simulating the used Torsen center diff. Uses the newer AWD2 code.

    And thanks for the pics :)
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  11. Chris Kennedy

    Chris Kennedy

    good stuff :) thanks for update. any plans to tweak driver hands animation? its a bit weird and offputting in vr, cheers