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Alternatives to F1 series?

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by PhilT, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. So, if like me you've decided to boycott Cody's lacklustre commercially regurgitated excuse for an F1 racing game what would you recommend as an alternative?

    Things I like about this kind of game are the real championship season, drivers, tracks and cars. I'm a fan of the sport and only miss one or two races in a season so I'm familiar with the tracks, rules, the new cars, etc.

    I'd go more sim if I can get some of these elements. Are there any games out there with at least the tracks and season or one of the sandboxes or mods that would get me close? Or perhaps another series that you'd recommend. I'm not sure I want to pay a subscription so don't fancy things like iRacing. rFactor might be an option but the graphics don't look particularly great.

    I've preordered Project CARS but looks like it's a bit disparate in terms of it's career mode.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Thoughts?
  2. Codies are riding the F1 hype train, simple as. Their games are garbage in terms of quality. Their F1 games are on the same level of GRID 2/GRID Autosport - it's just that when you have a huge fan base it's easier to sell copies. This is obviously not related to your question, just wanted to do this mini rant.

    rFactor 2 is probably your best bet. Graphics might not be too good but the physics are there and that is what matters. I'm waiting for Project CARS as well but that won't be released for another 2 months.
  3. Assetto Corsa is a really nice sim-game. I played rFactor for years with tons of mods, but now finally I found a better game:
    1) Awesome graphic
    2) AI is really challenging and smart
    3) Easy to mod at least as rFactor
    4) Much better forcefeedback
    Point 2 is, imo, just one reason to switch to AC because the AI in rFactor was really dumb.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.

    @Reanimocio I'd put F1 ahead of Autosport but not by much. Mainly due to the stupid hoops Autosport makes you jump through and some of the silly race types (I just didn't feel engaged). At least F1 tries to follow the proper season format. And the Autosport menus selecting Race first followed by qaulie followed by practice - what's up with that?!

    Anyway, it's time to up my game.

    @Giovaneveterano I take it you're taking about rF1? Why did you pick AC over rF2? rF2s FFB is supposed to be very good with some tweaking. Although, I must admit I'm still not happy with it in the demo despite the tweaks I've made so far but there is a lot to learn.

    From the outside AC seems closer to Project CARS. I've ordered pCARS so want something a little different.

    When you say the AI in rF1 is dumb can you be a bit more specific? Is it that they don't try to avoid you and just stick to the line? I'm going to run a few more laps in rF2 demo and see if things have improved.
  5. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Game stock car is another contender, especially with all its open wheelers, have you tried the 60min demo?
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  6. Ooh didn't know they had a demo. And I didn't know it was more than just stock car.

    Downloading now! Thanks!
  7. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    the formula extreme should tick all the boxes for you, but my fave is the formula vee, not the fastest car of the pack but so much fun
  8. Looks like I'll be busy tomorrow!
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  9. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

  10. I mean only for rFactor 1, because I never played rF2.
  11. So I tried the GSCE demo. Not impressed. Graphics are so, so. More objects but not the impressive lighting that rF2 has. FFB was weird with my G27. Tried tweaking but always wanted to pull left or right. It didn't help that I couldn't choose an open wheeler as with the rF2 demo to compare. Physics didn't feel as good. I spent a good few hours tweaking rfactor until it was just right (ffb, graphics performance, etc) but I could see the potential. With GSCE I didn't feel like doing that. It's using the older gmotor engine from rF1 and it shows.

    I'll definitely be doing a bit more research before I make my decision but I'm leaning towards rF2 at the moment. It's pretty good right now, I've actually gotten used to the graphics and quite like them especially running at 60fps with everything on. Development is slow but it seems like they'll be working on it for some time.
  12. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    im pretty sure that the demo is just a time locked full version unless its changed? on the main screen did you use the arrows to select the different cars? the car images should change to represent the class selected. the wheel pulling left and right is because the forces are wrong if the forces are set to negative 100% change to positive 100% or vice versa.

    once you get it set up correctly you should see its potential
  13. Could only choose chevy or Peugeot. Tried both positive and negative ffb but I'll give it another try on both points. Thanks bez
  14. ****!
  15. So I've decided. rFactor 2 it is. It's really hard with all the assists off but I'm getting there. 95% AI and I can keep up with them although I'm making too many mistakes so I need to get some consistency. Also my chair being on wheels is useless. It's time to get a bucket seat!

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    See you on the track (once I'm good enough).
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    That's because you have setup your ffb wrong then. Use negative values instead of positive ones.
  17. According to CM they are building the 2015 game from the ground up; so according to them, on the face of it, not a re-hash. For me at least, the officially licensed F1 game will be my first choice. For a non F1 game, I felt RacePro was excellent. What it didn't do with the graphics was more than compensated by the wide ranging set-up options available. That said, some say Moto GP is the true test of speed freaks.
  18. Interesting. I knew it was a major rework which is why 2014 is not anything to write home about. And something about them being under license to produce one every year meant they couldn't skip it altogether. I didn't know it was a complete rewrite though. They do have some good ideas like the mid season updates.

    Still, I've tasted real sim now so I'm not sure I can go back. Besides Project CARS will keep me busy when it's out as well as the myriad other games I never have time to play. Still, I'll keep an eye out for it, thanks.

    I don't own a console so RacePro is out but I used to enjoy Race07 and GTR. I looked at RaceRoom Experience but rFactor 2 feels better to me.
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  19. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Member Race Ban

    I'm going Asseto corsa this weekend, steam at $49.99 US. don't really know what to expect, videos,screenshots look great, and the hype for it is big, I'll let you know :)
  20. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Member Race Ban

    Well a few weeks in, AC is good, F1 cars in a mod called FF1 2015, are good , handle well, physics, graphics, handling all way better the Cody.

    But ,

    It severely lacks good A1, I've seen cars a spa go 20 feet over the top of another and just carry on!

    The teams are not updated,that's a mod issue,

    Wrong :

    Championship season !
    And a few bits n pieces.

    Cars, sounds, track,graphics, apps, adjustment, visuals,tracks, all very realistic.

    I will still play AC, I'm sure it's a work in progress. And sone or all of above will be forth coming.

    But I will be buying F1 2015.
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