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alter start formation in championships

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by James Bolton, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know how to alter the start formation in the championchips?I find a lot of series do not start with a standing start and those are my favorite. I can change it if I am doing a single race but not in the championship and I enjoy the championchips.
  2. I also find this a bit annoying.
  3. OK,
    here's an example of how to do this, using the Formula Classics.
    First create your championship.
    then, before starting the first race, exit the game.
    Go to UserData\YourPlayer folder.
    Open REIZA2.CCH using notepad.
    Search for RACECOND_formation=
    and set this to
    Save the file.
    Restart the game and continue your championship.
    This should be enough to make the standing starts (with formation lap) work.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks this helps, but if you find any other way to do it let me know because the custom championships don't seem to have the CCH files.
    Thanks again
  5. The CCH file will either be the same name as your custom season, or else you will need to look through the reiza1, reiza2, reiza3, reiza4 files in notepad until you find your custom season inside one of them. These files can contain more than one season, so scroll down each file till you find the set of driver names and rules for your season.
    Let me know if you can't find it, or tell me which set of cars you are using and we should be able to work out where it is.
  6. I have double checked it, and it does work. Your custom season appears in one of the CCH files, you just have to open the reiza.cch files, search for the name of your season, and you will see the RACECOND-formation option just a few lines lower down.
  7. Thanks, i didn't notice they had more than one season in each file, tried it now and it worked, thanks a lot Keith ya ole dog
  8. No problem :)
    In case you need them, these are the options for the formation:
    0=standing start, 1=formation lap & standing start, 2=lap behind safety car & rolling start, 3=use track default, 4=fast rolling start