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Misc (Almost) all graphics mods in a single package (CLOSED) V1.29

graphics mods in a single package

  1. Jim Liak submitted a new resource:

    (Almost) all graphics mods in a single package - graphics mods in a single package

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  2. Wow! Nice idea :)
  3. Nice idea, however are you using all the latest versions? I'm happy for you to use mine and I'm sure everyone else will be fine with it. My questions to you are:
    1. Will you be directing any tech issues with the mods to the correct owners?
    2. Will you be constantly updating this collection as we update our mods?

    Maybe a collectable hub where we upload all our filters to is not a bad idea, eventually together we should reach the perfect set of filters and in the meantime there should be something for everyone. The only thing that will be missing will be our individual downloads and reviews. The reviews and individual support pages are how we receive the feedback to make things better.
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  4. It currently has all the latest versions.

    Will try that in the future.
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  5. Jempy


    Very nice idea, Jim :thumbsup:... even though I perfectly understand Blackcelica's message.
    As long as reactions and feedbacks are still done in the author's topic ... it'll have many advantages.

    - I'm a Natural Mod's user since a few months with pleasure... but this collection here will allow me to try other ones in one single install ... as I'm a JSGME user for AC since the very beginning.for all mods, addon tracks, apps and graphical mods also of course.

    - As usual JSGME user, with a great collection of mods in the MODS folder ... ( JSGME we also advise in our league ) .... it might be difficult to find the mods back in the list.
    That's why using in this case a folder name beginning with "GRAPH_" in this case ... "MOD_" for a car, "TRACK_" for a addon track or "APP_" and "SKINS_" for a collection of skins for the same car ....should be a practical and quicker way of finding them back in a big list. ;)

    As it is a graph mods collection, I take the opportunity to thank all modders, skinners and all creators for sharing their work.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  6. Interesting idea.

    And that's where the positive ends.

    TBH, this is a repost of users' original mod content. Not only does it clutter RaceDepartment with unnecessary duplicates of existing mods, it infringes on the creative work of said authors, viz., you obtain downloads for work that should go to the content creators.

    In case you don't see the severity of pseudo-mods like yours, let me provide a theoretical example:

    A user downloads all the content from ProjectCARS, RaceRoom, rFactor2, and Assetto Corsa, then combines it into one folder, allowing all downloaders to install and switch between games.

    Yes. That is in essence what you've done, minus the fact that games are copyrighted material whereas mods are user-made material with editable copyrighted portions of games.

    Details aside, the truth is that you're providing a community mod siphoning off thousands of downloads for work you didn't do...about the only labor done was downloading all our mods and compiling them into even more folders for your particular download. This, and the fact that most of the original modders regularly update their work further detracts from this mod. In short, I would prefer to have my original content removed from this mod ASAP. If people want my mod, then they'll watch my forum posts and follow my periodic updates. They don't need your help. While JSGME certainly provides a streamlined manner for switching between mods, I don't think anyone can possibly enjoy Assetto Corsa in such a fashion. The graphics of AC are intended to:

    1. Be left in stock condition
    2. Be modded, then left and enjoyed

    not endlessly swapped over and over again. Private use of multiple mods is encouraged, but spreading such bundled content publicly is unsatisfactory and not in the spirit of modding.
  7. I have to agree with Bernd. In addition it seems like my files are redundant and I'm relying on you to make sure my work is up to date and included. To be fair so far you've been quick to update but if for some reason you can't then people will be downloading out of date versions. It should be the players choice to download the chosen filter MOD directly from the modder. That way the modder can monitor the downloads and effectively act on individual reviews and feedback to then further improve the MOD.
    If someone looking to download a filter wants to see them all in one place to make that choice then they would search the word filter or just look in the misc category, they are all listed there.
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  8. Ok. This is a "project" that i have in my pc and decided to simply share.
    I mean that this is something that helps ME to switch among mods.
    TBH this is just fills the gap for the none existence of steam workshop support inside.
    I have no mean to take attention from any modder that's why i mentioned that in big letters.

    Ofcourse i will ASAP remove this mod, also from other people.
    After all now people learn how to do that themselves.

    P.S.1 I would to prefer a pm instead of public .
    P.S. 2 I disagree about switching. This method will give opportunity to people to better decide which mod to choose and also promote your work.