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All Silverstone setups results in same laptime

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Renneboog, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Selecting any setup (high/low downforce, high/low springs, gear settings, ...) and mixing them always results in the same laptime.
    I checked this in Q1 (restarting Q1 after tryout of a setup) by putting all assist on, no use of KERS or DRS, to avoid misjudging.
    Whatever I change has no effect on the laptime, it is always in the high 1:31's.

    Career, Force India, Legend.
  2. setups don't make the car faster, they make it easier for you to drive it and then become faster with practice.
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  3. Crazy judgement. You say that tweaking the car setup is useless to get better laptimes? If so, we don't need them, nor does the real world.
  4. where did I say that?
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  5. if ur playing with all assists on, then u should probably stick with mario kart!

    turn tcs & brake assist off and try it again , i guarentee u will see a difference in laptime.

    with tcs on, setup is pointless!
  6. I don't believe that setup with say 1/1 wings 1/1 rollbars 1/1 ride height and 1/1 springs is as fast as setup with 11/11 wings 11/11 rollbars and 11/11 springs in Silverstone
  7. Totally flawed test. Come back and see us when you turn the assists off.
  8. a good pilot is fast even with a crappy setup;) tries to change driving style
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  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    This game is certainly not the real world. But its true that setups make not much difference. Few tenths max.

    The setup section misses too many vital parts. No bump/rebound values, no third spring, Tyre pressure is the one I miss the most as that can really make a difference.

    Lack of physics probably.
  10. lack of physics + I think they didn't want to make setup too hard to make... But tyre pressure? It's over 50% of car handling...