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Alienware worth the money?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lee Madden, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. thanks for all your input guys many thnks !!
    Im very inerested in this spec and the price seems within reach.

    im also intrested to know about todays pc games and how demanding thay are on pc formats you mention this also would be future proof...
    so what kinda games would this run maxed out ? just a couple so I can get an idea.

    As for building it myself I cant say iv ever done it iv dabbled with a couple
    of item in there but nothing to rant about and as I read in one of your post it can be tricky getting compatability with componants if you dont know whats what (like me )
    I spoke to a friend today who runs his own telecomms company an networking ect ect and I ask him if he could build one for me
    but he dont do it... but what he did say is this... call this guy who builds for him and tell him what you want an to put it on my account.. so thats what im gonna do..
    So this is for you the guru !
    could you give me the list of componant names and code so I can take the list and go shopping please
    Im away next wk so nothing gonna happen right away so theres plenty of time to discuss
  2. So do you want us to suggest a all of the components for you?
  3. I must be in the never really had a problem category. Ive only once had a problem with any of the kit ive bought from them tbh.

    Faulty memory OCZ 2GB kit was dodgy and that was replaced directly from OCZ. You gotta love lifetime warranties :)

    And i guess when companies sell to millions there is always gonna be issues. And you generally hear the bad stuff more.

    Personally Id build my own computer. I like the freedom to put the components I want in it. Never seems to work out cheaper though but thats probably me and my lack of willpower when it comes to computers.

    So id say build your own, It will be fun and probably cheaper and when it boots first time you will be amazed at how simple it really is.
  4. The system I shown you with the GTX285 will play any game maxed out apart from Crysis. Personally with your money I would not got lower then a GTX285 so you know you have something more future proof, GTX260 / GTX275 - HD4870 / HD4890 are slower if you get recommended them, they are cheaper, which could save you £100 and still fast cards but with your price range a GTX285 is a must have imo.

    Full names here, t add dvd drive and keyboard and mouse if needed, which will only bump price up £30-£40. Have you got a copy of XP allready?

    Intel i7 920,

    Gigabyte GA EX58 UD3R

    6GB- CorsairXMS3-DDR3

    Samsung F1

    1GB Asus GTX285

    Corsair TX 650W

    Samsung DVD-RW

    That all comes to £973, and if you need to buy XP or Vista,( make sure they are 64bit versions though ) keyboard and mouse add another £80 or so.
  5. Thanks Damian.. :wink2:
    I dont have any copies of windows only 32 bit vista HP
    im running on this comp

    I will make that call on monday and hopefuly I can get all that hardwear priced up on trade account ...Might be even cheaper ???
  6. You will soon find out! The system will blow you away how fast it is!

    You won't need an upgrade for a long time with all that!
  7. If I were spending that kind of money, that's probably the exact thing I would get as well. With 6GB of RAM, an i7, and a GTX 285, you'll be able to run anything.
  8. I don't think an i7 is very necessary though. It may be a bit overkill for this generation, so maybe a Intel Q processor would do, and it's cheaper. The 1366 motherboards are pretty expensive too.

    It all depends on how much power you "need".

    EDIT: Then again, looking at the £ prices, the i7 is only around £60 more expensive (compared to the difference in €). But if you have a budget of £1000+, then Daniel's suggestion would be a good bet. I can't afford anything more than €900 at the moment. Need a job :(

  9. It is necessary if you have £1000 to spend and want to be more secure for the future. With that money to spend an i7 is a must, if you got a older gen quad you would only need to upgrade again in the future. It's overkill for today's sim's, but with rFactor2 and the Lizard engine round the corner it's a good time to be ready with the right hardware! + There is a few games which this kind of system is needed. I.E Crysis!

    Now am only dreaming of i7 ..... :(
  10. Exactly. If you have the budget Lee does, the i7 is essential. You will want it because as the years go by, you may not have to upgrade for a quite a bit. It's a very strong and fast processor, and soon enough all of it will be utilized to it's fullest.
  11. Likewise, I can only afford a setup with 4GB RAM, Intel Q9550, GTX 260 Core16 and a 1tb HDD. I'll get it bit by and get newer parts if I can afford them.

    Would that be a decent enough setup, or should I scrap that list?

    I hear the i7 has a heat issue, although that maybe the power-hungry guys overclocking too much...
  12. funny that a new processor everybody thinks it is a power hungry. :)
    core i7 runs the same wattage as the other inter quad cores.

    As for your setup Mark
    that will be a great setup ;)
  13. OMG those are all alien specs for me:D wish i had at least a quad core...
  14. Well after reading up today I can honestly say im getting rather excited
    and for once I cant wait for monday to come and get to the office so I can make the enquirey... :woop:
    Only thing is.. ive not told the wife yet !!
    (Any ideas or good excuses welcome :giggle: )
  15. You'll be out of her way & quiet :p
  16. Hi guys
    well im back from my holls now and ive had my quote for the build
    and it comes in @ £978.00 built with vist 64bit or XP pro 64bit and a 750W psu instead of 650W....
    the fella said what you doing with it games wise ? so i told him what
    Im gonna play and he called me an mad b**tard and if I only want to play them games you dont need this spec !
    over overkill was his words ...
    so Im thinking of loosing the i7 and motherboard for something cheaper
    but keeping the gtx280 card and 6 or more gb ram running XP PRO64bit and to be honest
    I dont really wont to spend that kinda money at the moment !!
    so what you think ??

    cheers :wink2:
  17. I always say: if you have the money to buy those stuff, then go for it. And you know your pc will handle anything you throw it at for some years to come
    It might be an overkill for now, but what about later on? When rFactor 2 comes or the next new Simbin tittle. Or if you decide to go for iRacing (which if not mistaken needs some power)
    You know then for those things you won't have to scratch your head and worry about not having enough power later on
  18. +1 on what Chris said.

    Go for i7 and your going to be well future proof, getting a lower spec now will just mean you need to upgrade again in the future.
  19. I believe the new "Sandy Bridge" processors will use 1366 socket, is that true?. So getting an i7 and a 1366 Motherboard would be a good plan if that's the case.