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Ajo Motorsport and JPMoto Malaysia Moto2 2015 mod pack! 1.0

The mod that everyone would love...

  1. irfanzaidi submitted a new resource:

    Ajo Motorsport and JPMoto Malaysia Moto2 2015 mod pack! - The mod that everyone would love...

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  2. rkh


    the mod everyone would want? LOL!! Hardly anyone looking for Zaidi. Which bike did you replace with Zarco's?
  3. caterham
  4. rkh


    Sorry, not gonna download. This will NOT work for people using my 2015 mod and the goal is to match the current real life season. You should have modded a Kalex - AJO Motorsport utilizes a Kalex chassis, just like I did in my 2015 Season Mod. Zarco's bike textures should be replacing the SAG Team which Frenchman #96 Louis Rossi rode in 2014. The Caterham AirAsia prevents Zarco from being a top rider due to its faulty vehicle key (as explained numerous times). In fact, if anyone were to use this with my mod, Zarco is not even riding the Caterham.
    In other words, only the textures match the real bike, but the Suter chassis is way too bulky (looks nothing like a Kalex) and again its vehicle key will drop Zarco between 7th - 10th spot if you were to use it in the stock game, which is not realistic as Zarco leads the championship by a big margin...So, any way you flip it, this is not exactly the mod hardcore simulation fans were looking for, but it sure is nice work though. :O_o: :giggle: ;)
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015