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Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by spankthemunkey1, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. hi guys, i thought yesterday i would do my first bit of actual racing, because i have spent all my time trying to set up each individual cars ffb which i drive, then had to do it all again after the 1.4 patch. so i started a free race, i set the AI to 50% because i have read about all the issues with it, i set the track to spa as thats the track i do all my testing on. This is going to be so easy i thought, off the start line the AI drove literally straight underneath me, up in the air i go wholop at least it landed on all 4 wheels.
    anyway i managed to catch them up and it was just a crash fest, oh my word, everywhere i turned the AI would just smash into me and knock me off of the track. This has put a real dampener on the game for me as i thought i would at least let me have a sort of decent race with the AI set that low.
    Not only the AI but when coming out of the pits, the wheel has started to really snatch hard to the right and basically rips the steering wheel out of your hand and that's if you get that far without the wheel just loosing it's settings and just spins around and around. this is getting really frustrating now as i really wanted to enjoy this game and get into online gaming and make some friends, but now it seems as though i will just use this game for practicing my driving and to learn the tracks ready for other games/sims. i am glad that i only paid £23.00 for the game as i don't think it will be used all that much now. this is a sad state that the game is in at the moment and hopefully will be 1 day fixed.
    the trouble with all these issues is that sim fans will not forget how this game was released and the attitudes of the wmd forum teams as well as the main mans opinions and shitty attitude towards genuine complaints from disgruntled owners of the game.
    sorry for the little moan guys.
    best regards to all
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  2. I understand your frustration. I usually play with the AI difficulty at 80 or 85. I hate getting punted off of the track and then getting that " invalid time " warning. I also hate passing someone and then getting repassed by an AI car that has leaped over the curb or just stayed on the grass without losing grip.
    It's a good thing there is "relaxed damage" in the game , otherwise getting airborne or t-boned would have consequences.
    I find that the best way to pass them is to be psychotically aggressive. I punt them off track or force them onto the grass.
    Anyone who thinks the AI is good hasn't had much time racing with RF2 or GSC or Formula Truck.
    The only other major game that has AI as bad as this would be AC.
    Hopefully there's a fix for the meth-fueled AI down the road.:)
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  3. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    Try validating your files through steam.I had issues with the wheel and my setups not saving after the patch.I validated my files reset my wheel and bob's your uncle,everything feel's OK again.:thumbsup:
  4. done all that jake, only time it happens is when you come out of the pits
  5. meant to say that this has only started ever since the 1.4 patch, and locks hard right when you exit to any of the menus, its so hard you have a job to turn the wheel at all and if you go into the settings options it just continually adjusts the setting its on and if you have not taken notice of the setting in the first place you are lost. when you go back into game it will re-centre or sit 20 deg off of centre
  6. Ian Bell head of studio wrote this on there forums:
    "Sorry guys but if you drive like a human I think we have some of the best AI ever shipped in a game. It's impossible to please everyone and yes they do get a bit aggressive above 80% but at 80-85% I'm having a wonderful time with them.

    Respect where they are on the track. Don't assume they're going to just give way to you because you have a bumper inside them.

    And yes they are occasionally fast off track but the alternative is they bash you or give up as it's normally YOU pushing them off track. The solution we have reached is the most appropriate for fun racing as I see it."

    Load of bull if you ask me.
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  7. There are problems with the ai, I agree. But I quite appreciate the pCARS ai as they are a bit aggressive, they fight to get a lost position back, and they don't give up. In some other sims, as soon as you get level or close to the ai, they just give up - that's dull.
  8. At least they don't overtake you on the grass! That kind of thing happened so frequently to me in Pcars that I gave up playing this bug-ridden game --- Feels like a Beta at best. I don't race like that as that's 'cheating' I'd rather a more balanced AI that's not so aggressive and that doesn't literally cheat without any kind of penalty. Not according to Ian Bell though, apparently I should barge them off the track too? haha nope, I race clean and fair, like the AI should and do in MANY other racing games/sims for many years now... Meh, I've given up on this game, Pcars2 will get a look from me once peer reviews are out. By the time they fix all these bugs it will be at least 2 years from now anyway..
  9. i dont mind them being a bit aggressive, but the AI was set at 50% should just leave you alone ish set at that level. i would of expected that behaviour from them when the level was at say 80-90%, and to just drive straight underneath my car. have you seen the videos of the AI cars driving actually inside other cars?
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  10. trouble is, i don't think that he ever thinks before he posts on the forums
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  11. Oh he does think though, that's his JOB ...

    But yeah, he clearly doesn't give a toss about his community / customers.

    This game should have never been "sold" to the public in it's current state, the AI is just one of way too many issues to call this a release candidate.. And his excuses (see above) wear thin at best.

    The game is STILL essentially broken this long after release.

    At this rate it will be several months at least until they iron out even the most fundamental of bugs...

    I'll be waiting with bated breath when Pcars2 goes on sale, (next year? / two years? / three?) for dirt cheap. No way am I trusting this company for a presale ever again. They can't even admit their faults...

    Here's some good advice for Mr Ian Bell from the legend Bill Hicks >>
  12. yes gamers/sim racers have very long memories and wont forget about the release and the attitudes towards all the problems that exist in the game
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  13. Yeah I also enjoy a bit of aggression, and sometimes the AI can make very nice overtakes. But not on the 2nd last lap when I've been leading the hole way and the AI just rams me off the track. Then you get back on cleanly and another one rams you again (I was on the straight off the racing line wtf). It's like in certain situations the AI don't even know your there. It doesn't seem as bad in the GT cars but in the open wheel cars it's painfull and frustrating.
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  14. I've routinely posted this exact reply on their official forums in response to anyone claiming that people need to learn to drive against the AI:

    Start a quick race weekend, selecting a small circuit (i.e. Donington National), and max out the grid with a practice session. Start the race, select Drive to go out and immediately press the pause button and select simulate the remainder of the session. From there simply select to view the onboard camera and you'll get first hand knowledge of how erratic the AI can be with the player completely removed from the equation. I've done this several times with several types of cars and the AI barely are aware of each others existence at times.

    Anyone claiming that people having AI issues need to learn to drive is full of ****. Apologies for being so harsh but that's all there is to it. Sure, you can definitely learn to drive around the AI and avoid issues, but that requires such passive driving that you may as well be hot lapping by yourself than racing against AI.
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  15. The AI in this game is frustrating to say the least and you all say it far better than I could say it. Lacslyer, I did what you posted and am just shocked at what I saw. I knew it was bad but watching a practice with nothing but AI, how can they say theres no issue with the AI and it's the player's fault? I fell for the hype of this game hook line and sinker and from now on I'll never again buy a game without first playing a demo of it.
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  16. I agree the AI is terrible. Almost as it it was an after-thought to the game. The guy/s who programmed it normally make the tea I think or were hired from they makers of Super Mario.

    The bugs are ever present too. I am trying to enjoy the game but the bugs........the bugs...:rolleyes:

    A lot of people are saying the game is like it's still in beta and guess what, in my opinion I think it is, intentionally. SMS/WMD must be laughing all the way to the bank. (well they do brag about how much money they are all making on their own forum)
    I reckon they milked what they could from the investors during the pre alpha stage and then thought, lets release it and get paying customers to beta test it for us. Not a bad idea. I don't mind that though as long as they actually fix the game and not forget it now they are thinking of Pcars 2.
    Just my personal opinion here. Lets hope they fix a lot of these absolutely glaring bugs and the terrible AI and finally produce the game that they said it would be. I want it to be so much more.
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  17. they should have put out a proper beta test, there is no way that they would find all the issues and bugs in this game without getting thousands to put the game under proper stress testing, they could of saved the gamers and devs a lot of headaches. problem is will those that have left the game come back to it or even waste their money on project cars 2?????.
    trouble is, there are no real repercussions for the game companies, they have our money and anything else don't really matter to them. I for one will think very long and hard about buying pc2, we will see how they continue with the updating/patching of pc1 first.
  18. Who has two thumbs and won't be buying Project Cars 2 or anything else thats an SMS/WMD project? >>>>this guy
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