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Database AI Turbo Mode 1.2

HPower improvement

  1. Advantian submitted a new resource:

    AI Turbo Mode - HPower improvement

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  2. 1:21s in race ?? Is it too fast ?? How about their qualifying result ??
  3. Yes it's very fast ;), qualifying is fast too, around 1:21s too. But those pics are from grand prix mode, in career they are a bit slower.
  4. Dude can u please make a mod for career that the AI is 2 sec faster?

    Example Melbourne:
    Original Q3 - 1-24-8 (Legend AI)
    Ur Mod (not this here) - 1-22-8 ( Legend AI)
    Original Race (100% times) - 1-29-8
    Ur mod - 1-27-5

    Would be so perfect!
  5. Advantian updated AI Turbo Mode with a new update entry:

    Adjusted AI levels

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  6. Hi Ray Lexes, just added an update, now (Turbo I) level lap time is 1:22,8 in career mode in Melbourne. Try it ! ;)
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  7. Crazy stuffs .. I think "Normal +" already more than enough for me :whistling:
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  8. Great !!! Will try it in a few hours :)! So this means in the race they are faster too right? :)?
  9. Yes they are now faster!
  10. garbage
  11. Thats how you comment on something thats is free ?? Anyway mind explain why ?? Also can you do better ??
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  12. thanks. well done.:cool:
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  13. It's not working for me :( Do i need to create a new profile maybe?

    edit: Ok it works but the Quali thimes are the same. I saw the diffrence with the Straight Line Speed in Quali but the times were the same -.-. Can u tweak the Corner speed as well? would be perfect because, i have no chance vs them if we go to the straight but in the corners i am faster and that's a good blanace :) The Perfect balance would be if u can tweak the corner Speed as well and make them DB Agg!. If u can do this, u can go a little bit more down with the horse power on the Straight ;b.
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  14. Going to try, never did this before.. not sure if I can get it done ! :speechless:
  15. Thanks :) But what's the deal with the quali times? The mod works but the Times in Quali still the same :/

    edit: With a new Profil, the new AI times for Q3 working now!
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  16. Found a "bug" -> The mod works only when i not speed up the time. When i go to Q3, speed up the time x6/x30 to the last 2 (or 1:34 or what ever time :b) min, they drive a original lap time.

    edit: oh :D maybe next time i need to read more ur desc :D. What's the Progress of Corner AI speed? :)
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  17. Ok, after a lot of test's with the KI nd stuff my review:

    0 (Normal +) Career Mode. Q3 = 1:23,705 :
    For me, too slow. With A marrussia i drive in Q3 (Melbourne) 1-24-0. Waaay to fast with a Marussia because the Gap to the pole was only 0,279. In The Race, it was a harder challange because the Race times are faster than the Orignals. At the End, P4 with 19 Sek gap behind the Winner. So.. this is only for driver who want a challenge and is not a "Pro".

    1 (Turbo I) Career Mode. Q3 = 1:22,783 :
    This one, is Awesome! Same laptime with Marussia like before (1-24-0) in Q3. Alonso with Pole 1-22-8xx. So 1,2 sek. The gap is to close from Pole to a Marussia. Normally it is 3,5 sek (for realistic as possible). In The Race, it was very very hard. At the end P7 with 29 sek behind the Winner @ 100%. Then I test the Lotus. In Quali my best 1-23-1 (with the same setup. I think with a setup for a Lotus i can go 0,300 - 0,500 tens faster). At the end p4 in Q only 0,022 thounds behind p3 and 0,024 thounds behind P2 :D. With a Lotus p4 in Q is realistic :). Race: P2 1,3 Sec behind Hamilton! The Lotus is in RL strong in the Race and the tires are better on the Lotus. I drove (? drive what ever :D) 2 Rounds more, every stop than the KI (3 Stop KI and me).

    Turbo I is 90% Perfect! Maybe 3 tens more in Q and R would be Great!. Can u tell me what to change in the database? Only change "ai_engine_power_per_tier"? What means Tier 1/2/3/4/5? :)?

    What this mod now need is that the AI breaking late as me in a fight. Oudside and Inside! They need to never stuck back in a fight. This is the only thing what this mod needs to become the best mod ever here!

    Yay i know my english isn't the best :D
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013
  18. So sound like this mod work real good in Melbourne, how about the rest of the tracks ??
  19. Hi Ray, glad to see you enjoying the mod! don't worry about your english, it's far better than mine ;).
    The tiers are a relative position of the teams performance, tier 4 it's the slowest and tier 1 the fastest. You can check ai_tier_characteristics to see the tiers values. I think the virtual performance from f1teams table prevails from the other one. In order to improve the teams performance you can increase the horsepower of the teams but also I think the values in ai_engine_power_per_tier needs be modify too.

    Every team has a id number that identify it. For example Red Bull id is number 23 and it's from tier 1, so if you add 15 horsepower in f1table then you need go to ai_engine_power_per_tier and add that amount in the id 23 tier 1 cell, but not all the teams equals f1teams table values. For example Mclaren (tier 2 id:21) has the same hp in f1table than a Red Bull but 7hp less in ai_engine_power_per_tier. So you need to respect this differences if you want keep the original system.

    Atm im triying to make the ai breaking and cornering better but its hard to calibrate because when you change drastically the values they are slower in the lap times so you need carefully to change that :(. The best I got it's a decrease of 150 hundredth in the lap time.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013
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  20. I think the Corner speed is ok. It's a nice Balance between the HP from AI and my corner speed. But when i fight with them, they stuck back like pussys :D So breaking late and make them not stucking back or more Agg would help alot for have mutch fun :D
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