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AI spins in Catalunya

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jose Navarro, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Hello guys! I just won the race thanks to AI mistakes. I started 9th but at start went to 3rd after some ai crash at the first curve.

    In P, Q and Race the AI spin in curve 8 and 10

    Any way to fix this?

    I notice in Itsanbul in triple 8 the ai do it with drs enable but no crash but a little of drift
  2. I forgot that in practice in curve 8 there was a crash, Ferrari and Mclaren maybe were Massa and Hamilton, both didnt have the front wing and didnt pit.
  3. I run that race yestarday, and i noticed the ai sometimes didn´t close their rear wing in the first corner they go through first, second and third only in turn four they close their wing, but it isn´t in all laps and all the ai drivers do it when they are overtaking you or some one. And i only noticed that in race and because of that i crash into Sutil when he was trying to return to the racing line so DNF for me and him.

    Sorry my english.
  4. I actually crashed into Button on turn 8 at Istanbul when he spun out in front of me, I was too astonished to see an AI spin out that I failed to avoid running into the car.
  5. In practice I noticed ai do 8 and 10 with the rear wing open, but dont know in race because thats not the drs zone.
  6. The AI is just incredibly bad at Catalunya in general, even if they don't spin. It's like CM wanted to make up for '10 (I actually even remember some AI spins at Cata in '10 as well) :-p So even if you managed to solve the crashing problem somehow, you'd probably still win the thing with ease.
    First corner crashes are not that uncommon either, for example there is pretty much always some kind of shunt at Monza, and yes, turn 8 in Istanbul is a real hotspot, especially in Qualifying you can pretty much count on it.
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  7. I dont think its obly in spain...i was racing in korea and one of the renault practically just drive in an opposite direction and crash its like a gta scene where you just drive the wrong way when i look at he replay the car wasit was heading for pit but somehow skit out and drove towards the wrong way.
  8. I have the same problem at Catalunya turn 12... very frustrating, it isn't fun to drive a race there anymore:( Have the same problems at Montréal turn 1 and Nürburgring turn 7:confused: Anyone of you guys know how to fix this problems? I'm not able to play the game anymore, cause it pisses me off everytime when this **** happens
  9. I have this problem on Nürburgring. Was able to win with Kovalainen, because the AI made mistakes every lap. I don't know witch corner it is, but what basically happens is they go straight and fly on the gravel.
  10. That's exactly the same problem i have at Nürburgring... i think it's turn 7? The AI doesn't seem to brake for that corner and just go straight onto the gravel:confused: I really would like to know if there's a way to fix it!!
  11. @ Richard Alexander, i saw your video a while ago... it's exactly the same problem i have! Do you have a solution to fix this ****?
  12. Unfortunately not. I haven't checked to see if it's only on that level of AI but I just had to progress normally through the season. No idea why only some people get it!
  13. Well you race at professional AI right? I race at Legend AI.. and still got the same problem! So i dont think it's the AI difficulty what causes the problem... I've just edited something in the ai_vehicle_track.xml file for the track Catalunya (really don't know what i actually edited:p) but the AI seem not to spin anymore that easy, they just still going really wide at turn 12.. but now the big problem is that, even at Legend difficulty, the AI is slower than normally at Legend difficulty:p anyways, i still had lots of fights (just did the 100% race) but the whole problem still isn't 100% solved.. i guess we have to wait till FINALLY someone has any idea to fix the whole problem;)
  14. I don't get the Catalunya glitch. I once got it. I was 2nd in a 50% race on Legend without assists and Massa was 1st. He spun out on that corner in the last bloody lap! Really lucky i was there nearly hit him though. Somehow i always get the Nürburgring glitch on turn 7. Got a win there with Kovalainen and Glock only because the champions where spinning out :S