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AI Selection

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by BeefyPeeg, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. I've noticed after I installed the Race Department Clio Cup Mod no AI is listed in the opponents selection screen. In fact, any of the other car mods I've installed do the same. The mods work fine otherwise. Anyone know what could be the cause of this?

  2. Nobody?:(
  3. This happen to all the mods I tested that are made for SCE. You will have to wait until somebody releases an updated version of the mod for AMS.
  4. Interestingly enough, someone just uploaded an AMS version of this very mod. However, the issue remains. I've dug through just about every file I can find, comparing it to mods that don't have the issue, but haven't had any luck as of yet.

    I'm sure it's something incredibly simple/right under my nose too... :mad:
  5. xnorb


    Wasn't there something with new naming conventions for modded cars?
  6. Works beautifully, Dreamer. Thanks again! Now, I just need to figure out why the mods do this in the first place...:thumbsdown:
  7. just look at the .srs and .veh files ;)
  8. I have been, but I'm afraid I'm missing something....
  9. Classes and Category in the .veh and Vehicle Filter in the .srs file.
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  11. Excellent! Thank you for the help. Everything is working fine now.
  12. Did you find the cause of this? I have same issue with another mod and I'm buggered if I can find the reason? :(
  13. Yep, thank to Dreamer. The "classes" and "category" lines of the VEH file is the place to look. I made sure they were both the same. If the name of the mod you are using is two words, I believe you need to leave out the space between them (in my case, "ClioCup").
  14. I believe there's another Clio mod here that should work fine w/o editing.