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AI Race Pace

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by captcrash, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. I am noticing a pattern to each race that I take part in. I race as Jenson Button on Expert (admittedly with a couple of aids, TC and ABS). I tend to be where I would expect to be with a McLaren in practice and quali. About P5 to P10. In the race, I usually get few places up on the AI while the they seem to run lean mix early on and tend to be around 3rd-6th. Then just around the 1st pit stops they suddenly swarm the back of me and now the 'Trulli train' has gone we have the 'Button Blockade'. I usually repell lap after lap of DRS until I lose track pos at the pits stops.

    After this, even if I come out of the pits with 5 secs to next car, they are with me in half a lap and I gradually slip back and back until I end up about 10th. Sometimes I feel like the safety car! This has happened EVERY race so far. I don't tend to wear tyres too quick, but as the AI lap times tumble towards the end of the race, mine don't change much even if I have saved some fuel. Is there a better race tactic that I should use?
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    Karl Fuss
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    There are a couple threads about this already that you can read through



    In addition to that you should check your lap times for consistency. The AI are very consistent, so to compete with them you have to rise to their level so to speak. Paying attention to lap times is one of the ways to help you see where the inconsistencies in your driving might be.

    Also, the AI are usually a second slower in practice than in Quali. I take all AI practice laps times with a grain of salt. The AI are also better on their tyres and have consistent control of their cars, which makes it easy to lose time to them if you flub a sector here and there.

    If you only play occasionally and are just playing for fun then lower the AI level so the mistakes that you might be making don't cost as much in a race. It could also make for more passing and re-passing of the AI which could make your races more interesting.
    On the other hand, if you are dedicating a lot of time to the game and want to get better start looking at lap times and setup changes to make you more consistent as opposed to just fast in one lap quali
  3. Thanks for that Karl, yeah I don't get a lot of time on the game working full time and bringing up kids! I just don't feel the satisfaction of achievement if I race at Intermediate level. I'll read those posts and see if I can improve.
  4. I had the same consistency issues. I can out qualify professional and expert AI but I'm so inconsistent I had the same train forming behind me.

    Just took me practice to get better.

    What I did was, turned difficulty down to intermediate. Give me no flashbacks or midsession saves and did a 50% distance season. I race without any assists but automatic gears and racing line. I also made up my mind to give back places after corner cuts and allow AI to pass me more easily. Embraced the one move only rule. No ABS and Traction control really teaches you to be smooth in your braking, acceleration and steering. As a consequence, It helped me with my worn tyre handling as well.

    There was a point where I was getting 3+ warnings each race. Corner cutting penalties. I was clearly faster than intermediate AI, but I had so many mistakes. Failed to finish 5 races in a row.

    But I endured. Now, I'm much more consistent in my lap times and If I make a mistake I know exactly what I did wrong. Also have learnt to recognize the problem areas in each track and approach them gently. Took me a long time, but I recommend turning difficulty down to Professional since you're expert level and give yourself no help.

    I still have a long way to go, but I can correct most mistakes before they have a consequence. Braking while turning is also something I'm getting better at. Used to lock wheels earlier on.

    Fuel conservation, I manage my fuel a lot. I push when I need to, I don't necessarily save it all. If the car ahead of me is on lean, I'll go to rich etc.. Also, once my fresh tyres get to temperature I try to make up ground.

    As far as mentality goes, you have to stay ahead of the car. Get in the habit of looking forward.

    I know the next corner coming up, which gear I should take it in, my braking point, my turning point long before I actually come close to the corner. Since I stay far ahead, I'm also able to account for anomalies. If I know I'll have an overtaking opportunity at a corner, I'll have already taken into consideration the changes needed in my plan to accomplish the move.

    I'm still inconsistent, but I'm getting better :D.
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  5. Thank JSN, you are right about me needing to look forward, drive the laps like they are quali lap and not worry about whats behind me. My problem is that I am consistent! I am still doing the same lap times at the end of the race as at the beginning but the AI are about 3.5 secs faster and I cant seem to speed up.