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AI pit stop

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by spagna, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Who knows why on some mod tracks some cars AI (not all) go to the pit stop after the first/second lap? If remove the pit_lane.ai file - for the single race OK. But for full race weekend (career) this does not work. How to solve this problem?
  2. I had this same problem with some mod tracks. I followed this advice here, which worked:

    Go to the AI folder of the track and copy the fast_lane.ai file and paste it into the data folder. Then rename it to ideal_line.ai
  3. There already is a file of that name in the data folder
  4. Track VIR in the data folder already have ideal_line.ai file. But some cars (Ford Sierra for example) go to the pit stop after the first lap.
  5. Terra21

    Premium Member

    Just a thought maybe make new ai lines with the ingame app as it has had a fuel consumption button for ai added .Not totally sure if it does but it may fix the problem
  6. How/where do we find this app and use it please
  7. Terra21

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    enable dev apps in the assetto corsa .ini file located here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg and change it to look like this
    then enable ai on side apps menu ingame. start recording ai just before startline do a clean lap and try cross the point in the same place where you started the lap you can keep doing laps until you get a lap you feel is good now press the fuel con button it will calculate the ai's gas needed to make the lap. now quit the track .now you will have made the fastlane ai. go to your track folder in ai delete the candidate part of the file so it says just fastlane.ai.now you have a new ai line.for the pits ai you simply do like the fast lane except just start recording pits ai a corner before the pits drive thru pit lane and rejoin track then stop recording now you have your pit ai now delete the candidate part again and your good to go.if you have any problems tell me the tracks you have issues with. i will make the ai for you but best try for yourself first
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  8. Cheers thanks for that, did find that app just didn't know what to do with it.
  9. I see this too.
  10. Maybe the problem is not with mod tracks. The problem may be with mod cars. For example, I use the DTM championship with Alfa Romeo 155, BMW E30, Mercedes 190 and mod car Ford Sierra RS500. On mod tracks only Sierra go to the pit stop after the first lap. Maybe I need to change the settings in the data folder of the car?
  11. I have already identified. This is a problem in the mod car Ford Sierra RS500 DTM. The car sometimes go to the pit stop even after the first/second lap not only on the mod tracks but also on the Kunos tracks (default starting fuel 50 litres). Because of this, it is impossible to include this car in the DTM championship!
    How to solve this problem?
  12. In the car's ui/ui_car.json the specs should include a 'range' which gives the approx. distance a car can go in km on a full tank (at race pace obviously).
  13. There is no such option.