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AI performance tiers glitch in Career season 2?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Philippe Ng, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, Ive started my 2nd season in career and there is a problem. I was doing the weekend in Melbourne but it looks like the AI has changed. Suddently, Caterham's Kovalainen and Petrov putted insane time which putted them in P8 and P10, is it normal or what? In the other hand, Torro Rosso's Vergne and Ricciardo totally dropped to P19 and P22. Someone help plz looks like the tiers got switched. No mods in game.
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

  3. No im using Legend's Ai. But it doesn't make sense, Caterham doesn't supposed to be that good in real life. I don't know what happen but it looks like the tiers of Caterham got switched to Torro Rosso
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    It must be a 2nd season thing then, Perhaps their level (tier) in the 2nd season is based on their finishing position in season 1.

    I don't know if that would be based on the Team's position or the Driver's position at the year end.
  5. I Just wanted to make sure if I am the only one with this system of alternating tiers
  6. No you are not. In Season 2 the Lotus became much better, always Raikonnen and Grosjean P1-P7.
    The Caterham is better now and Toro Ross looks like its worst.
    On the other hand, Massa was good in Season 1, now that im his team mate he's always P10-P22
    I did something stupid in Silverstone and got P15 in qualy, when the race started there was a Caterham in front of me! P13
    I guess it happens some random changes every season. Im playing on legend too.
  7. First race season 2, Lotus got a 1-2 finish with Kimi finishing first and Grosjean finishing third.

    I think it's random, you won't see Caterham winning a Grand Prix though, but performances may vary from season to season!
  8. the tiers are mixed through at the season change.
    In '11 the best (in WCC) tier 3 team would become tier 2 and the worst tier 2 team tier 3 .. and so on.
    guess they kept that in '12.
  9. Exactly the same for me, Melbourne 2nd Season, at the end of the race Vergne is 23th Ricciardo 20th, Petrov 10th Kova 12th, Grosjean win the race, Massa is 11th
    It's a bit crazy
  10. pretty simple:
    TR tier 4
    Caterham tier 3
    Lotus tier 1
    Ferrari tier 2

    But it's no bug it's a feature. From season 2 on it's not supposed to resemble the 2012 season ...
  11. Yeah i get that as well. Im at Spa and in the Constructors standings HRT is ahead of Red Bull Racing. Now surely they couldn't be ahead of RBR in real life even if they wanted to, which leads me to think that it is stuffed up. BIG TIME!
  12. I think what RowingAce said is true. Like any game it has to evolve or it becomes monotonous. Some one is going to be placed at the end of the season where they are going to be bumped up or down a tier.
    To be honest, do we really know where the cars will be on the grid in next years F1. Also, Schumacher is 40 (i think) so when you're playing season 7 and he's still racing at 47 isn't that a little bit stranger than a few tier changes?? I know i prefer to see a few drivers changing teams with new contracts but that isn't going to happen! unless you start changing the database if its possible. ;-)
  13. Yeah i dont like this feature though, small changes in pace during the season maybe, but realistically i dont want to see HRT finishing ahead of red bull.

    Does anyone know how to mod the game so the tiers dont get shuffled?