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PC AI more realistic

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by angelooliveira, May 1, 2015.

  1. I would like the AI (artificial inteligence) MORE REALISTIC.
    Skid, sideslip, mistakes, out of the right track line, bad lap times, wrong overtakes, bumps.
    Like real ones drivers.
    Is that possible? Is a mod to create that???
  2. Andrew

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  3. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    Wouldn't we all. It is quite a shame that sims like SCE, R3E, and (reportedly) pCars can have such good AI but AC has such basic AI.
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  4. pcars A.I? See here a review about their A.I from the final build. At min 4:54
  5. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm not fast, but I'm wide! Staff Member Premium Member

    And here's a quote about pCars AI from one of our very own members:

    I'm sure we both can provide lots of links that support our argument, but I have better things to do. Most reports say pCars AI is pretty good, but there are also some reports that say it's not perfect (no AI is). I'm sure even if it's not as good as SCE or R3E it's bound to be better than AC, which was the basic premise of my original comment.
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  6. Well, someone who owns all or a part of the games, should do a video comparing the A.I between these games. So far I've only seen graphics and car handling comparisons, but not A.I races between similar cars and tracks across the more modern sim racing games.
  7. Yesterday I made several races at Nord against AI in pCars, and all I can say is that I was *very well impressed* at the end. Did some very good battles, gave some smiles during races, gaining and then loosing positions in a matter of few curves (wow, it was almost real). Just a small error and they'll pass you for sure - always clean (like I was doing too). One thing however caught my attention: sometimes they are hard to pass, but once you manage to leave them a little behind, they seem to loose speed/interest in the race and you keep "opening". Could be the track, could be the settings. Was racing at 95%, since at 100% I would just eat dust between the last few in the pack (first time in several months playing pCars - no setups, just hit play and went ahead). At 95% I managed to start in 16 (last) and finished in 8th in 2 laps. As you progress in the field, the cars in front of you become harder and harder to catch and pass - like real life. Kudos for them, the game seems to be good (I was sceptical until few days ago, but now I'm considering buying it).
    PS: I would consider them "in line" with GSC, and of course, way ahead of AC (as of now).
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  8. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim
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    In 10 years maybe, but current technology do not allow that :)
  9. Well... the atrocious AI makes single player a complete write-off, sadly.
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  10. Exaggeration much? What's atrocious about A.I?

    I think it needs more improvements for better attacking and defending, to take more advantage of the slipstream passing method, and some issues here and there with bumping against opponent cars.
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  11. Mostly the AI is still a major disappointment in AC. Grid has better AI. During qualifying sessions there will be a car running the course at a snail's pace and other cars just line up to make a slow moving chicane-train. They will charge a corner, but then slow down, yet they will have unbelievable straight speed coming out of the turn. On the other hand, I have seen them get out of shape and over-brake for turns (so they do at times act "normal"). It almost appears that the AI are based on 1 particular car and is then thrown onto cars with different characteristics. Some AI for some cars are not bad, but others for the same track are a joke.
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  12. believe me you are wrong about the AI slowing down too much... in the current state without modding it's almost true, I have done dozens of mods for cars and tracks in AC which I've never published here or racedepartment or anywere else, because those tracks and cars aren't mine, but if somebody will ask me... I can upload here lots of stuff that literally transforms AC into a better AI experience! I've remade AI paths for almost every track in AC and believe me since version 1.1 the ai overtakes each other much more effectively and frequently, it brakes later and drives like a charm!
    you have only to rewrite AI paths for every track (if you are able to) and that will make them faster and more effective! some of them need more aggression, but u can change it via AI.ini file or in the AI app during the game (I recommend to do it that way only in order you can actually observe in real time how they behave).

    p.s. I wonder why kunos didn't to it already with their 1.1 update for the default tracks...

    for any info please, PM me! ;-)
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  13. As an offline player I tell you: share it with us please!!!

    And again: please!!!!
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  14. Can you mod the A.I for official tracks? Usually in the initial lap at Spa the A.I goes towards the barrier of the pits next to Eau Rouge, and then brake, and some cars will create unnecessary traffic. Then on the following laps is fine, or you can get lucky with race restart(s).
  15. I think I can! :) will try it and let you know. (the easiest way is to create a new path for the AI on this track)
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  16. Of course I will! :) I have already made a very fast and competitive ai for lots of unofficial tracks like Sepang, Gilles Villeneuve, RedBull Ring, Hockenheim and many others (they all had very slow ai)

    p.s. can I upload here on racedepartment a couple of tracks (made NOT by me) with modified AI? (much faster and competitive than usual). All those tracks are a conversion from rFactor but very Good conversion! They look almost like original tracks from Kunos!

    thisi is an example:


    + my additional files to that track! If Administrators authorise me to do that, I will!
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  17. +1 regarding sharing AI improvements
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  18. xnorb

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    So against my knowledge i had a quickrace against the AI on Nürburgring GP.

    * Bumping into the inside of the last corner every lap.
    * Backing out although they are faster and have enough room or
    * Crashing into others with enough space (About every car was damaged 10 laps in)

    The good old issue of queuing up for 1st corner is a problem in most racing titles, so i don't even call that one out.

    I really like AC, but there's so incredible much to improve...
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  19. The fact that the AI cars act like tanks, smashing the player out of the way, they're stuck to the road like they're on rails, extreme fluctuations in pace (sometimes even gives the impression of rubber banding even though it's not), their racing lines are "alternative", they crawl to a halt ON the track, and they often refuse to overtake even though you're in a much slower car.

    So yeah... atrocious is probably putting it mildly.
  20. Is it possible to upload these files or a dropbox or mediafire for these files. Really missing Asetto Corsa but refuse to play it because of AI. I would love to try.
    If you need you can contact me by PM or send links there or to my email .

    I would really appreciate that mate :)
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